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How to Install Drupal on Your Computer

Installing Drupal on your local computer requires several different software packages on which Drupal is dependent. Streamlined installers combine these packages to make installation easier. One such installer is the "DAMP" stack by Acquia, which includes Drupal, Apache, MySQL and PHP, which is ever

How to Find Gmail Status Online

Gmail allows you to add your address book contacts to Gmail chat, where you can send instant messages and immediately see a friend's status right on your Gmail email interface. This allows you to make a quick decision as to whether an email or a quick message would be the fastest and most appropriat

How to Activate DVD X Copy

DVD X Copy allows a user to copy a locked DVD movie purchased at a store and reburn the movie onto another DVD. It copies not only the movie, but the menu and all the features as well. This gives movie fans the ability to travel with their DVDs without the fear of damaging the disk and therefore h

How to Flag Email Messages in Outlook

One way you can better manage your email messages in Microsoft Outlook 2007 is by flagging them. You can flag email message in Outlook for a various reasons, including specifying what follow-up action is needed. This allows you to glance at your messages to see which need attention.

How to Restore a Detected Error on a Page

Internet Explorer is the Web browser that is included with the Windows operating system. While browsing the Internet there may be occasions when an error message will appear on the page. These messages can occur for several reasons, such as a script error or Internet Explorer asking to download an u

Does a WiFi Signal Amplifier Work?

A Wi-Fi signal amplifier, a device that extends the range of your wireless network, is easy to install and has an immediate impact. The effectiveness of a booster depends on the individual device, but most products on the market will have at least a marginal impact on the range of your Internet sign

How to Connect to Wireless Internet at a Coffee Shop

If you've ever visited a coffee shop, you may have noticed a few people using their laptops. Many coffee shops provide complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access, allowing patrons to use the Web while enjoying their favorite beverage. If you're itching to try this yourself, you can be browsing the Web whil

Current Internet Marketing Trends

More and more people want to be able to make money online and internet marketing trends are constantly evolving. Having the ability to identify the trends and tap into them with an up-to-date marketin

How to Setup an Email Account on a Mac

Apple computers come with Mail installed on them. This application can be used to manage your Web-based and Exchange email accounts. When you do this, you remove the need to open a browser and log in to your email accounts each time you want to check your messages. The process of setting up an email