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How to Do Yoga Bandha Poses

While there are several bandha poses in yoga, the most common are the mula bandha, uddiyana bandha and jalandhara bandha. You can perform these poses together to induce a calm, meditative state and balance energy.

Back CareImportance Of Back Care

Mulling over back treatment and remedies, one is caught up in a whirlpool of thoughts. So who should be opting in for a back care regime?

Free Yoga Classes: A Lesson for Yoga Teachers

There is a philosophy, which claims: If you give something away, and people find a value in it - they will react positively to your kindness, with repeat business.This is all well, and good, but the major fast food chains seem to be the only businesses to profit from it.Maybe that is why we call it

Mindful Eating - Controlling Your Weight and Feeling Great About It

Do you ever feel that your eating is out of control and that maintaining your optimal weight is a hopeless task? Have you tried all kinds of diets but can't seem to keep the weight off? Mindful eating may be the key that will finally allow you to be in control of your weight.

Best Yoga Festivals of 2014

A look at the major yoga festivals scheduled for 2014, including Wanderlust, Yoga Nation, and Bhakti Fest.

Yoga Stretching Flexibility Exercises & Beyond

The mantra of yoga - A healthy mind rests in a flexible body Yoga has nowadays become a crucial part of a person's life. It works on the physical as well as the mental level. No other form of exercise can offer this. Yoga also helps the body in improving the lung capacity, circulation, preventi

How to Control Kundalini Energy

Kundalini yoga combines the spiritual, physical and mental aspects of yoga practice. It has been practiced for hundreds of years but was not taught in the United States until the late 1960s. In Kundalini, a gentle form of yoga, you hold simple poses for long periods of time, concentrating mainly on

Therapist Directory - A Good Way to Choose a Marriage Counselor

If you are going through a bad marriage and are facing problems in understanding your partner then you can consult a marriage counselor. Opting for therapy is a good way to enjoy a happy married life. In order to find a good counselor you can contact therapist directories online which can help you k

Sandringham Physiotherapist Discusses Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a health industry focused on the evaluation, upkeep, and restoration of the physical function and efficiency of the body. When our bodies don't function at an ideal biomechanical level, it is unavoidable that our body will get unbalanced which may lead to pain and reduced capab

Adventures in Transcendental Meditation - Part I

It was the year of the Partridge Family, eight cent postage stamps and James Taylor singing "You Got a Friend". That was 1971 and I was an under achieving senior in a middle American High School when one day I saw a funny looking poster on the wall as I walked to my American History class.

Learn Yoga Today

This article tells you about the benefits you can get from YOGA, the ancient system of physical, mental, and spiritual exercise of India. Many of its benefits are yet not fully understood by us.

How to Start Meditating

Always hear people talk of their 'transforming' experiences with meditation, and yet, every time you try you get as far as attempting the lotus position? Here's how to these tips for a peaceful meditation.

Vipassana Meditation Technique: How To Explore Physical Sensations

A variety of Vipassana Meditation Techniques are gradually becoming some of the most popular meditations being practiced today. Part of the reason for this is simplicity, and another part is rapid results. Some practitioners experience a profound shift in their very first meditation!

The Great Benefits Of Core Power Yoga

What is core power yoga you may ask? Well it is the practice of a particular style of yoga that focusses upon the core/middle part of our body - the area where power is generated. I am not surprised at the popularity of core power yoga amongst its practitioners, as the yoga moves it incorporates str

How to Do the Sleeping Vishnu Pose

Sleeping vishnu, or anantasana, is a side balancing pose that builds strength in the legs and sides, while toning the abdomen. Read on to learn how to do the sleeping vishnu pose.