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How to Create a Speech for a Pageant

Your evening gown may be elegant and your talent may be terrific, but the pageant speech is an important factor that can give a contestant the edge in her pursuit of the title. While many hours are spent on hair, makeup and clothing, equal time must be given to preparing your speech. The ideal pagea

Why Should You Make a Will? 5 Top Reasons

Making a will can save your loved ones a great deal of heart ache in the event of your death. You don't even need a solicitor present to write a will.

Criteria for Surety Bond Agreements

There are many different types of surety bond agreements, but the basic criteria for all is that the surety company agrees to guarantee that another person or company will carry out their obligations.

Indiana Laws for Living Wills

A living will provides the declarant's wishes regarding health care decisions in the event she cannot communicate them herself. While many people associate this document with withholding treatments in certain instances, living wills can also outline preferences for certain types of...

How to Find Subsets in a Python

Python is an object-oriented scripting language used for desktop and web development. Like most other programming languages, a focus of Python's design centers on the handling of collections of data. In other programming languages such as C++ or Java, these sets of data are called "arrays."

Colorado Duties & Liabilities of Trustees

Trustees have legal duties and may carry liability in Colorado.Documents image by GHz from Fotolia.comA trustee is a person who is responsible for managing money, real estate, investments or other assets on behalf of another person, usually referred to as "beneficiary." Trustees have...

How to Create a Thread Demonstration in Win32

When learning to program applications, it is important to understand how the program utilizes the code. In many programming languages, a thread is used to set out a series of commands or functions. These threads are then run in order to process your application. In Win32 applications, however, threa

How to Witness a Last Will & Testament

Being called upon to witness a last will and testament is not merely showing up at a scheduled time to watch someone sign a document. In fact, done properly, being a witness to a last will and testament actually is a far more involved task. You accept significant responsibility when selected to serv

Wills VS Living Wills

What is a will and is it the same as a living will? No, its the difference of life and death. Both documents have a valuable place in every adult's life.

How to Stop a Judgment

A judgment is the result of a successful civil lawsuit. When a person or company feels they have suffered emotional or financial damages from another party, he has the legal right to sue that party in a civil court of law. If a judge decides in that person or company's favor, a monetary judgment is

How to Get a Certified Copy of a Divorce Decree in Ohio

A copy of a divorce decree is generally required if you want to get remarried, adopt a child or make other lifestyle choices. However, obtaining a certified copy of a divorce decree in Ohio may be somewhat confusing for individuals. The Office of Vital Statistics is generally perceived as the govern

Special Needs Trusts

When a person wants to set up a trust that benefits a person who, without additional help, may not be physically or mentally capable of handling the funds under their possession, the law provides several options to plausibly allow for these transfers of property. Known as a special needs trust or, n

How to Find the Big Wig on Toontown

"Disney's ToonTown" is a massive-multiplayer online role-playing game released for PC and Mac computers. One of the most difficult enemies to defeat in the game is the Big Wig. Big Wigs can only be found in specific buildings or when there is a special event. The Big Wig Invasion is the on

Why Parents Disinherit Their Children

Parents may disinherit a child in all states except Louisiana. This article examines some of the reasons why parents disinherit their children and suggests factors that a parent may wish to consider before making such a drastic decision.

How to Create a GameLoft ID

Today's mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablet computers, offer a wide array of features common to desktop computers, including access to the Internet. These devices also allow you to download and install games onto them. GameLoft lets you install video games onto your cell phone or tablet c

How to Be an Interpreter in Court

Being an interpreter in a courtroom is totally different that one may experience in a business or health environment. For example, in court, you will be expected to provide a word-for-word literal translation of what the person for whom are interpeting for, is saying. In other venues, there is room

What Happens When a Will Is in Probate?

Probate is a court proceeding that confirms the validity of a will and settles the estate of the person who died (the "decedent") in accordance with the terms of the will.

How to Stop Foreclosure & Lease your House Back

It's hard to imagine losing your house. The time invested in making it a home, the memories of celebrations and holidays. It's so hard on the kids too; leaving friends and moving to a new school. Millions of families today have to uproot themselves from their dream homes due to foreclosure. There ma

How to Find Capital Letters in Python

When programming in Python, an easy-to-read, open-source programming language, you may need to find all capital letters in a string. For example, to normalize data, you may need to flag all capital letters in user-submitted text. In Python, use the regular expression module, "re" and the f

How to Get Out of Prison Early in Florida

Florida, as of June 2010, has 144 prison facilities, 62 major institutions, 42 work camps, one treatment center, 34 release centers and five road prisons. Prison inmates in the state of Florida have little hope of early release, due to state laws that prevent prisoners from being released early. Wit