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Problems with Buying Older Motorhomes

Buying an older motorhome can offer huge savings, but you may also be purchasing someone else's problems that were not resolved. Some of these relatively common issues are costly to repair. Knowing what problems to look for will help you decide whether or not you want to consider purchasing a partic

RV Parks in Kentucky

Enjoy a vacation in the state of Kentucky.Tourists at Mt. Rainier image by Joy Prescott from Fotolia.comKnown as the "Bluegrass State", Kentucky boasts several attractions that you can enjoy on a vacation. From geographical attractions---such as the Red River Gorge and the Cumberland...

Long Beach RV Camping Resorts

Long Beach is a resort town in Southwest Washington state, and it provides opportunities for beach and boating activities in the Pacific Ocean. This peninsula-city features RV and primitive camping resorts within walking distance of the coastline. The resorts are also a 10-minute drive...

RV Camping in Homer, Alaska

Homer, known as Alaska's "End of the Road," is located 222 miles south of Anchorage at the tip of the Kenai Peninsula. Halibut and salmon fishing are popular with many tourists who flock to the town's spit, which extends out into Kachemak Bay and offers endless water and mountain views. Recreational

How to Repair an Eternal Bond RV Roof

The rubber roof on an RV can develop air bubbles in the eternal bond that protects the roof itself. If not properly maintained a roof will leak due to age, improper maintenance or Mother Nature. When doing any repairs on an RV roof, only caulking and coating made with butyl rubber should be used. Ot

Arts & Crafts Shows Near Clear Lake City, Texas

The planned community of Clear Lake City, which was annexed to Houston in 1977, is an outgrowth of NASA's Johnson Space Center and oil and gas development in southeast Harris County. The city, therefore, has a high concentration of engineers and petrochemical industry employees and a large Asian Ame

How to Get Sewer Odors Out of Campers

One problem that can often occur with campers that have enclosed bathrooms is lingering sewer odors. These odors can permeate throughout the camper and make a trip unpleasant. There are several ways to control unwanted odors in a camper. Use a multi-step approach for best results and maximum odor co

How to Connect 6V Batteries in a Serial

Recreational vehicles often connect several six-volt batteries together to produce the power needed to supply the cabin with many luxuries. Four six-volt batteries also produce 24 volts of power to start big rig diesel engines. A pair of six-volt batteries joined in a series stores more energy than

Ontario RV Camping

The Canadian province of Ontario is an outdoor enthusiast's delight. Whether boating, fishing, hiking or hunting are your pursuit of choice, it all can be found within the provincial borders, especially during the very warm but not oppressively hot summer months. RV accommodations offer mobility and

How to Remodel a Travel Trailer

The layout of a travel trailer is practical, putting as much living and storage space as possible in a small area. Too often the decor in travel trailers is calculated to appeal to a target audience that prefers floral patterns and frills. While you shouldn't do anything to compromise the structural

Why Your Towing Vehicle Matters

Depending on the type of vehicle you own, you can tow a handful of trailers. Here's what you need to know about towing with less traditional vehicles before your next trip.

5 Wisconsin RV Parks You Must Visit

If you’re looking for a once in a lifetime experience, RVing to WI should be on your bucket list. Here's 5 of the best RV parks in Wisconsin.

How to Reseal an RV Skylight

The sealant that RV manufacturers use to keep RV skylights and roof vents from leaking can gradually break down over time. Sunlight, alternating hot and cold temperatures, and even heavy rain can take a toll. If you notice even a small amount of water coming through your RV's skylight, it is most li

What Is the Difference Between a Scooter & a Motorcycle?

Many people are finding different modes of transportation for pleasure, economics or impact on the environment. Today, two common vehicles found on the road the motorcycle and the scooter. But what are the differences between these vehicles and what do these vehicles mean in terms of benefits and ri

How to Remove Etching From Travel Trailer Siding

Etching is the chalky white lines and black streaks that form on the sides of travel trailers from roof runoff. The rubber roof degrades after coming in contact with animal droppings, water and other environmental factors. The resulting runoff causes the unwanted streaks, or oxidation, that soak thr

Delaware RV Clubs

Delaware's beaches, outdoor activities and historical attractions like the Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover draw tourists from all over. Those who want to experience Delaware in a recreational vehicle will find a variety of RV clubs offering them a comfortable place to stay for a few...

RV Vacations vs. Traditional Vacations

We're looking at RVing vacation costs versus traditional vacation costs and how RVing can often save you more money than you can imagine.

The Best RV Parks in Jackson, WY

Plan a stay at the Jackson Hole Campground with views of Teton.Mormon Barn 3 image by Lee O'Dell from Fotolia.comSelect one of the best RV parks for your travel in Jackson, Wyoming. The town is a popular stopping point for those who want to explore Yellowstone or Grand Teton National...

Minimalist Travel Ideas

Minimalism is about living simply, not over consuming and appreciating the small pleasures in life. Packing lightly, traveling cheaply and enriching your travel experiences by creating an appreciation for your surroundings can make your minimalist travel adventures some of the most memorable. With p