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Why You Should Visit Paraguay Now!

While it is not one of the most popular destinations in South America, that may be the reason you should visit Paraguay now.


The Eco-Yoga Park just 60km outside of Buenos Aires, offers travelers and backpackers in Argentina an option for volunteering, yoga, and relaxation. The yoga park offers lessons in sustainable living, vegetarian cooking, meditation, music therapy, and more. If you are looking for a respite from the

Cruises to Belize Leaving Florida

Belize is a popular destination port for cruises out of Florida.belize aerial image by jedphoto from Fotolia.comLocated in the southern peninsula of Central America, Belize is bordered to the northwest by both Guatemala and Mexico. A coastal country, Belize's ports are in the Western...

11 Things to Do in Iquitos, Peru

You’ll rarely be short of things to do in Iquitos, a city with enough attractions to keep you busy for at least a week or two.

Recipes from Peru

Peru gave the potato to the world, and Peruvians use many varieties in their cuisine,as well as tropical fruits and vegetables

When to Go to Scandinavia

Wondering when to go to Scandinavia? Find out what the best time is to visit Scandinavia depending on weather and activities, and when to go to Scandinavia for different types of travelers.

Galapagos Wildlife: Hawk

The Galápagos archipelago, first discovered uninhabited by the Spaniards in 1535, and later made famous by Charles Darwin in 1835, is both a province and a national park of Ecuador, 600 mi (1000 km) west on the mainland. It is a premiere wildlife observation, protection and research center visited a

Hotels in Hermosa Beach, Costa Rica

Called Playa Hermosa in the native tongue, Hermosa Beach is a tourist haven in Central America. Visitors flock to the area's white-sand beaches, crystal waters and tropical weather. Hotels in Hermosa Beach offer moderately priced accommodations located on the beach or a short walk...

Palermo Neighborhood Profile

The Palermo neighborhood in Buenos Aires is the largest in the city. So large, various parts have been labeled into names like Palermo Chico and Palermo Viejo, which have subdivisions of their own. Given its size, it is not surprising that it houses many of Buenos Aires' top attractions. Severa

Hotels in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

Many ecolodges in Costa Rica have been built out of recycled lumber.Caribbean Stilt House image by wabkmiami from Fotolia.comPuerto Limon lies on the outskirts of popular tourist areas of Costa Rica, allowing visitors the opportunity to explore an area that has been relatively untouched...

Vacation Rentals in Norway

Vacation rentals in Norway are a great option for travelers. If you are looking around for vacation rentals in Norway, you are in luck.

Closer Look at Hacha and Sapo Falls from the air

At 979 meters (3230 feet) with an uninterrupted drop of 807 meters (2663 ft), Angel Falls is sixteen times the height of Niagara Falls. Located in Venezuela's Canaima National Park, the falls are best viewed, and appreciated, from the air. Here's a sampling of the awesome falls.

Native Animals & Plants in Honduras

The Scarlet Macaw - Honduras's National Native BirdScarlet Macaw image by wulfpaw from Fotolia.comHonduras offers a vast and diverse range of flora and fauna, much of it native to the country. With so many endangered and individual animals within its territories, the Honduran government...

The Flag of Härjedalen

The flag of Härjedalen shows the Scandinavian Cross in the colors black and yellow on this unofficial flag.

The Best Sights in 2013

If you're traveling to Scandinavia in 2013, you may want to take a look at this year's hottest sights. What are the essential places you need to see in 2013?

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The Galápagos archipelago is a premiere wildlife observation, protection and research center visited annually by thousands of tourists. Enjoy these views of the islands, beaches, ports and landscapes.