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How to Hunt Blacktail Deer

Columbian Blacktail deer are descendants of the more common whitetail variety and are considered to be more difficult to hunt. The hunting seasons in locations populated by Columbian Blacktails do not open during the period of the year in which the deer would be most likely to be found n the open, m

What Are the Causes of a Duck Limp?

Ducks, like many other animals, can suffer from uncomfortable leg and feet problems. Pain, swelling and tenderness resulting from these problems can impede a duck's mobility and result in a limp. In response to leg and foot ailments, ducks might also limit their mobility, preferring to remain statio

How to Select a Deer Hunting Area

Deer hunting, a very popular sport throughout most of the country, all starts with where one should hunt. Deer, like most mammals are creatures of habit, and tend to follow the same patterns year after year. They must eat to sustain energy, bed down (akin to our sleep) to conserve energy, intake flu

Deer Manikin Shoulder Mount Styles

There are many options of deer shoulder mount styles.whitetail deer buck image by Bruce MacQueen from Fotolia.comDeer manikin shoulder mounts are polystyrene foam forms that duplicate the animal's bone and muscle structure. A taxidermist covers the forms with the deer’s head, neck...

Michigan Deer Hunting Rules

Though an elusive prey, deer call a wide area of Michigan home.whitetail buck image by Bruce MacQueen from Fotolia.comWith its emphases on natural conservation, the state of Michigan boasts 99 state parks, thousands of miles of wilderness that are home to a large population of whitetail...

How to Prepare a Deer for Shoulder Mount

You've harvested a deer and decided to put it on the wall. What do you do now? Heads Up Taxidermy at Brush, Colo. recommends the following steps.

What Is a Canadian Toque?

The Canadian tuque (or toque) is a hat that is used in winter to keep a person's head warm. It is also a well known and iconic symbol of Canada that has roots in Phrygian headwear.

Duluth Pack All Day Lumbar Pack Review

Review of a simple but well-designed pack that does what it claims and served me well. Made in USA, lifetime guarantee, and does what it should. Read on for more info.

Quail Hunting & Flushing Dogs

Quail is a popular quarry for many hunters. One of the most important aspects of hunting quail is getting a good flushing dog to help with the hunt. There are several dog breeds that can be trained to become good flushing bird dogs, and others are naturally inclined.

How to Attach a European Deer Mount to Wood

European deer mounts offer hunters an inexpensive alternative to cape mounts. While cape mounts display a deer's hair-covered upper body, a European mount simply displays the deer's flesh-less skull and antlers. Hunters can make their own European deer mounts, as opposed to cape mounts that require

How to Hide a Hunting Stand

Game hunting is an addicting pastime for many hunters due to the relatively high intelligence and acute sensory perception of most types of prey. Game animals instinctively shy away from unnatural metallic objects and abnormally straight lines, which are characteristic of most out-of-the-box hunting

How to Remove Flesh From a Deer Head Before Mounting

Some hunters have what is known as a bone room where they keep the skulls of all or some of the animals they have killed. Other do not have such a room, but want to mount just the skull and antlers of their deer, which is called a European mount. Whatever the case, hunters must remove the flesh from

How to Reorder Missouri Hunter Safety Cards

To obtain a firearms hunting permit in Missouri, if you were born on or after Jan. 1, 1967, you must have passed a hunter education program. A hunter education certificate card (sometimes referred to as a "safety card") is granted after successful completion of the course. Although Missouri allows t

Muzzleloader Bullet Starters

Bullet starters are great tools, and are easy to build. Most commercialy-available starters fall short of being as useful as they could be. The solution? Make your own!

Duck Hunting in Arkansas

From all across the United States, hunters of flying feathers are drawn to the exceptional waterfowl hunting opportunities Arkansas affords. A vital part of the Mississippi Flyway, the Arkansas delta offers winter habitat for waterfowl from the Great Lakes and Midwest prairie states. During winter m

How to Keep Your Feet Warm in Waders

Fishing and hunting in cold water will quickly negate the low insulation value of most waders, causing your feet to chill. Cold feet are extremely uncomfortable and in many cases will send you home early. Keeping your feet warm is not easy, but several movements will increase circulation and warm yo