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4 Essentials to Choose A Portable Fish Depth Finder

Fish Depth Finders have made a rapid development.. it's not long ago that the devices build for the general public were expensive difficult to install and operate gadgets. These days fish and depth finders are ...

How to Build a Gaff

If you fish for heavy bottom-dwelling fish such as halibut or larger river and ocean fish such as salmon or steelhead, gaffs are a handy tool for the boat. Fishing gaffs are long-handled hooks. When the fish gets in close to the side of the boat and the angler is tired from the fight, the gaffer lea

How to Hook Up a Fish Finder

A fish finder reduces the amount of time you spend out on the water searching for fish. A fish finder must be connected to a power source before it will work; some are standalone devices that use proprietary or standard batteries, while others are devices that can be wired into your boat's battery o

North Carolina Saltwater Fishing License for a Boat

For-hire charter fishing vessels can purchase a "blanket license" to cover their fishing customers who lack the North Carolina Coastal Recreational Fishing License. This license allows a charter fishing captain to take patrons who don't have saltwater fishing licenses, as well as those who do, fishi

How to Troll for Redfish

The red drum, or redfish, is a game fish found in coastal waters and estuaries all along the Eastern coast of the United States and the Gulf of Mexico. It is a notoriously challenging fish for anglers, as it spooks very easily and is difficult to attract with artificial lures. Trolling through schoo

How to Hook a Scud for Bait

Scuds are tiny crustaceans that swim sideways. They are fast swimmers and are typically found where vegetation is abundant in the water. With seven pairs of segmented legs and two pairs of antennae, scuds easily resemble a freshwater shrimp. Find scuds in the shallow depths of ponds, streams and lak

Fishing in the Paradise Island, Bahamas

Paradise Island is situated close to the Bahamian capital of Nassau. Off the island, there is shallow-water fishing, including fly fishing. A few miles off the islands, the sea is suitable for deep-water fishing, including fishing for marlin, mahi-mahi and shark. Fishing guides arrange tours of the

Ways to Thread My Earthworm for Fishing

There are a number of different ways to bait a worm on a fishing hook image by Bruce MacQueen from Fotolia.comEarthworms are a popular bait for fish hooks and catching specific types of fish in freshwater lakes, such as bass, perch and catfish. There are a number of different...

Homemade Fishing Sinkers or Lead Weights

Lead sinkers are a common and essential component to a number of fishing rigs and techniques. Although they are available at any bait shop or tackle store, making sinkers at home can save you a lot of money because sinkers are some of the most often lost pieces of tackle, commonly snagging on rocks

How Are Coral Reefs Being Destroyed?

Water PollutionWater pollution is dangerous for both humans and coral reefs.Coral requires a narrow range of conditions to properly grow: clear water less than 330 feet deep and warmer than 68 degrees F. Anything which interferes with this environment either stops coral growth or kills...

What Kind of Main Blades to Buy for 3D Flying

Remote control helicopters are as varied as the real helicopters they are modeled on. Some remote control helicopters do simple maneuvers like turning and diving, while others can do 3-D stunts such as barrel rolls. These two kinds of flying styles require different main rotor blades; ignoring the m

What Size Fishing Hooks to Use for Spots & Croakers

The Atlantic Croaker (aka "croaker") and the Spot (aka "Norfolk Spot") are Atlantic coastal fish whose habitat extends from Maine to the Gulf of Mexico. Atlantic croaker fish grow to around 18 to 20 inches, and weight between 1/2 pound and 2 pounds. Spot fish are somewhat smaller, usually less than

Fishing Guide for Washougal, Washington

The city of Washougal is located in northwest Washington, close to Portland International Airport. The two major fishing locations in the area are the Washougal River and the Washougal Fork West River, both of which have been stocked with hatchery steelhead and salmon. Left to naturalize in their su

How to Rig a Fishing Kayak

A properly rigged fishing kayak should have ample storage space and easy access to all of your gear. Fishing gear should not interfere with your paddling stroke, and it should not be excessively heavy. You should have the ability to see the fish finder, grab rods with ease and find accessories witho

What Knots Do You Tie to Attach a Fly Line to a Leader?

The fly line to leader connection requires a strong knot to absorb shock and connect the two different materials. The fly line is a soft and pliable material, and the monofilament leader is stiff and rigid. Many of the knots used are designed to bite the leader material onto the fly line. Numerous d

How to Tie a Coiled Fishing Knot

A good fishing knot is crucial for maintaining a secure connection between the line and the hook, lure, or swivel. A coiled knot will have an extra bit of line wrapped, or "coiled", around itself for improved strength and reliability. The "improved clinch knot" is one of the more popular knots invol

Power Vs. Action Casting Rod

Casting rods are available in a wide variety of sizes and strengths for fishermen. Anglers pair these rods with bait-casting reels to target bass, muskies, northern pike and walleyes. Fishermen generally use casting rods to fish with heavier line and lures than they could use with other types of rod

Homemade Ground Bait for Carp Fishing

Native to Europe and Asia, the carp is a freshwater fish now commonly found in many waters of North America. Often considered a nuisance fish by game anglers, the carp is gathering interest as a fishable species. Fisherman often use dough ball type baits. Numerous recipes have been published on the