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DRC Facts and Information

Information on The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) including location, population, language, religion, climate and more.

Meaning of PAI

The acronym "PAI" has several different possible meanings, ranging from trademarked business entities to common expressions. Note that it should not be confused with the non-abbreviated "Pai," which is small town in northern Thailand.

25 Capital Cities in Africa

Capital Cities in Africa. A list of all of Africa's Capital Cities from Asmara to Yamoussoukro.

Ideas for Romantic Weekends in Philadelphia

Take a weekend stroll through one of Philadelphia's historic neighborhoods.Flower beds on Philadelphia Mansion image by Jorge Moro from Fotolia.comPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, one of the United States oldest cities, is home to historic archives and sites such as the Liberty Bell and the...

Islands of East Africa

East Africa is dotted with interesting image by Luka76 from Fotolia.comThe largest and most recognizable island off the coast of East Africa is Madagascar, but there are several other well-known and beautiful islands nearby. While most islands function primarily as tourist...

Africa in FIFA's World Cup 2006 (9 June - 9 July)

Africa in FIFA's World Cup 2006. African Countries in the world cup include Angola, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo and Tunisia. African teams' analysis, results, fixtures, groups and links to news and team blogs. Players to watch and teams to watch as 5 African nations get ready for World Cup 20

Getting around Cairo is easy with a taxi

images of Cairo, the capital of Egypt and Africa's largest city. Photos of Cairo show the pyramids and sphynx at Giza, the bazaars of islamic Cairo, the Mosques of Cairo and more. Visitors to Cairo will get a great idea of what the city looks like.

Where to See Cape Buffalo in Africa

If you would like to see Cape Buffalo while on safari in Africa, you can't go wrong with this selection of national parks. Find out where to see African Buffalo in the wild, and tick off your "Big Five" list.

Grand Daddy Hotel Airstream Park, Cape Town

The Grand Daddy Hotel, Airstream Trailer Park, Cape Town. Looking for an unusual place to stay? How about an Airstream Trailer Park on the rooftop of 4 story hotel in the center of Cape Town.

Hotels in Ngorongoro, Tanzania

The Ngorongoro Crater is known as the "Eighth Wonder of the World."ngorongoro crater image by Jessica Bethke from Fotolia.comThe Ngorongoro Crater is a wildlife conservation area on the eastern edge of Serengeti National Park in northern Tanzania. It covers more than 3,000 square miles of...

Travel to Africa With Kids

Africa is an exotic destination, where your entire family will see things available nowhere else. Some families are reluctant to travel abroad with children, especially to somewhere perceived as dangerous, but with some careful planning, you and your children can have a safe trip to Africa.

Cultural Facts About Morocco

Islamic culture is deeply woven into Moroccan life. Traces of Islamic influences can be found in the country's food, etiquette, art and holidays. At night, some cities may develop hot street food spots. Although Islam prohibits alcoholic drinking, nightlife, especially in larger cities such as Casab

Israel Travel Guide

Israel is a magnificent and fascinating destination, with a wide variety of religious, historical and natural attractions. The site of pilgrimages for the three major monotheistic faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), its strategic location linking Africa, Europe and Asia made it a cultural cros

Hotels in Hatta, Oman

Hatta is surrounded by a rugged mountain range.altes fort bei muscat (oman) image by Andrea Seemann from Fotolia.comWhile there isn't much to do in the tiny town of Hatta, it is a haven for vacationers because of its relatively humidity free climate compared to Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Nestled...