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How to Profit Using 'Legal' Insider Information

It's when an investor has information no one else knows.They then try to profit from the information by trading stocks or bonds.The key here is the information.It's from the inside . . . the normal investing public would never stumble across it.

Getting Better Fundraising Results Easily

Discover the communication secrets that can rocket your fundraising to new levels of success. Extracted from the book, "Inner Secrets of a Successful Fundraiser", this article introduces professionalfundraisers to techniques that can enhance all their fundraising capital campaigns.

International Investment Rules

International investment rules require the same respect for diversification, margin of safety and money management that domestic investment requires. However, the regulatory framework, the differences in accounting rules and the thin foreign markets makes increased scrutiny of investing rules a mand

Is It Smart to Invest in Silver?

Many people are wondering where they should invest, gold or silver. Though gold is a good investment it has had a big run this past year. Gold may have more gains ahead, but silver is projected to make solid gains too.

Stock Exchange Analysis

Savers buy investments for their growth prospects that may translate into improved standards of living. Stock exchanges organize investment dollars and play a key role within the wealth-creation process. Despite their importance to the global economy, financial exchanges do introduce distinct social

Salary of a Building Superintendent

A building superintendent is responsible for preventive maintenance, minor repairs, security and keeping order in a large building such as an apartment building or office building. He may supervise other maintenance and janitorial staff and may be in charge of resolving disagreements or other proble

The Best in Online Fund Raising

Online fund raising is gaining momentum each year. Raising money by using the internet is one of the most lucrative methods for fund raising, but it can...

Buckets - Your Way To Wealth

Learning how to manage and build your own investment portfolio is quickly becoming one of the most popular topics on everyone's lips.Self managed superannuation, share trading, derivatives, all topics once spoken by only the financial elite are now common subjects at dinner parties and Friday n

Preschool Fundraising: Post Fundraising Follow-Up

Organizing preschool fundraising for your school is one of the most ideal ways to increase the relationship of your non-profit group to the whole community. If you want to organize another fundraising event in the future, you must learn how to do an effective follow-up in your supporters and donors.

Role of SEBI in Capital Market

The Indian government established the Securities and Exchange Board of India, or SEBI as it is commonly known, in 1992. Its purpose is to act as an authority to oversee the country's primary capital markets, where companies sell equity to raise capital, and its secondary capital markets, where inves

The New Standard For Finding Which Penny Stocks to Buy

If you're looking to realize a quick profit, you should look no further than cheaper stocks which can be bought literally for pennies. These stocks are the sole focus for many day traders because of the greater profit potential. While there is no substitute for solid analytical work to find wel

Should I Invest in ETFs?

Exchange traded funds, or ETFs, provide investors with a way to diversify their portfolio, just like mutual funds do. But ETFs have a number of benefits that mutual funds cannot offer, chief among them the ability to know the exact price before the transaction. That can make ETF investing a very att

The "Relative Value" Ratio

Einstein's theory of relativity can be applied to stock market investment decisions too. In economic terms it is called "opportunity cost", as investing in one company costs you the foregone return you would have had from investing in another company.So how do you make the most of you

How to Make Money in Penny Stocks

First a warning - I would sincerely advise you all against investing in penny stocks. One of the basic rules of buying stocks is to consider 'value'; not 'price'. But when the starting point itself is price, you are committing one of the fundamental investment mistakes. However,

How Trading IPOs Can Make You Rich

What I have found in the 10+ years I've been on Wall Street is that one of the best investment vehicles is the IPO. Trading IPOs can be extremely lucrative if you find the right company in the right trend. I will show you everything you need to know to get into these investments and make a kill