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Elevated Terror Alert

With the illegal alien protests and marches from foreign nationals who conveniently invaded our country, one has to wonder if our borders are really secure.

Dealing with Male Breast Enlargement Problem

There are men with enlarged breasts so large that the size looks like those of women's. This condition is called gynecomastia, an abnormal growth of breasts in men that usually starts on teen

Social Survival Tactics in a Devolving Society

In a world where the masses of human beings are devolving, and by varied means of self-indulgence, are you prepared to survive? As you travel through a society where the gross stupidity index increases annually, have you planned countermeasures? Daily, when you step out that door, from your comfort

The Self-Aware Residents Of The Quantum Realm

Now the really interesting thing about quantum physics isn't so much the physics but the philosophy behind it all. Why is it so? What does it mean? That these philosophical issues matter and

Pakistan Under Siege in 2010

Pakistan is an Islamic state carved out of British India. But over the years a drift from development and an 'India Fixation' has bedeviled the nation. The act of fomenting terrorism against India has come home to roost and 2010 was the worst year for Pakistan and its own home grown terror

Is Barrack Obama an Elitist?

Sometime during the Democratic Nomination and most have already forgotten about this, Barrack Obama said something to a group of wealthy supporters in San Francisco, something about the folks in Pennsylvania toting guns and clinging to religion due to bitterness, or something to that affect. Then th

MN Girls Are Not For Sale by Dwight Hobbes

The Women's Foundation of Minnesota has initiated MN Girls Are Not For Sale, a five-year $4 million effort to see that the world's alleged oldest profession, the buying and selling o

How to Keep Your Mobile Safe In a Public Place

With the advancement of technology, the features of the mobile are increasing and its size is rapidly decreasing. As a result of this, the mobiles may be looking sleek but handling them is equally difficult. For example, the small mobile can be conveniently picked from your back pocket without you e

Can You Go to Jail for Self Defense?

One of the biggest concerns people have is if they can end up in jail for the use of self defense. The last thing that you want to happen is to appear as the aggressor when you are just defending your

Which Background Checks Website is the Best?

If you're trying to find out the background of someone, nothing is better than using a transparent and easy-to-use website which allows you to quickly find out the truth about anyone. But with so many websites, which one is the best?

As Black President Barack Obama Is A Bust

Barack Obama cashed in on his birthday suit and the slick 'Change We Can Believe In' slogan, then turned right around and sold Black America out.