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What is Science Fiction?

Science fiction is a genre of fiction where the stories often deal with elements of science or technology and many of these imaginary elements are largely possible within scientifically-established or

Print Font Types

One thing to consider when preparing a document for printing is the font type.Andrew Rich/Photodisc/Getty ImagesWhen preparing a document for publication one of the most important things to consider is choosing the right type of font. Fonts can help convey the message of your document...

How to Tell Fortunes With the I Ching

Throughout history, the I-Ching has been used as both a manual of wisdom and a manual of divining. Ancient users of the text would traditionally cast yarrow stalks, and, though a complex process, would be able to give some hint of fortune to the one seeking it by figuring out a certain hexagram: six

Reasons to Read Books

Books can provide you with so much more than television.OLD BOOKS image by brelsbil from Fotolia.comThere are a surprising number of people who say that reading is boring or that they would rather wait for the movie to come out than read the book. This startling trend is evident in all...

Difference Between Biographical Fiction & Historical Fiction

Historical fiction and biographical fiction have some commonalities; indeed, you can regard much biographical fiction as a subgenre of historical fiction. In both, authors use compelling stories to cause history of a specific era to come alive for the reader; and both require solid research as a fo

How to Identify a CD Manufacturer

Being able to identify a manufacturer or distributor of a CD can be useful for more then the information. Knowing which companies are releasing which bands is a good thing to know for up-and-coming musicians. This information can help musicians better identify which manufacturer's might be more inte

Schooling in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian schools were structured to give young men a rudimentary education in the most basic skills they would need in life. Most boys were educated at home, then attended village schools briefly before learning a trade as an apprentice to their fathers. Boys of a higher caste--priests and

How to Write a Biography for a Poet

As with any biographical account, a poet's biography must include the basic--birth, childhood, mark of independence, major life events and death. Poet-specific notable points include inspirations, quality progression and vices.

How to Remember a Script

Memorizing lines seems a daunting task for a novice actor, and an unfamiliar script with a heavy line load can intimidate even seasoned thespians. Frequent practice with heavy repetition is key. Approach the script systematically, in a way that engages the mind on different levels. There's no one-si

How to Write an Epic Novel

Many people want to have written a novel, but few people have what it takes to actually write one. If writing a novel is difficult, imagine what goes into writing an epic novel. The dividing line between a regular novel and an epic novel is not defined; like the infamous definition of pornography, y

Landfill Garbage and Those Obnoxious Odors

Garbage in landfill has enormous potential to create odors. This fact plays into the hands of landfill activists who often claim that some landfills should not ever be built due to poor odor control."

Fairy Tale Dramatic Play Activities

Fairy tales can be used for dramatic play.magic house image by ana malin from Fotolia.comFairy tales are the perfect tool for introducing the world of drama. Not only are they usually familiar to the majority of students, they are simple enough for those who are unfamiliar with them to...

Pros & Cons of the Circus Animals

Attending a circus event is a rite of passage for many youngsters. Generations of people have brought their children to see wild circus animals. Global awareness of animal rights and wildlife conservation efforts are changing the sentimental feelings the circus once provoked. China has banned animal

How to Read a Masonic Bible Online

A Masonic Bible is any Bible that is used in a Masonic lodge. It may contain footnotes related to Masonic degrees and rituals or have a pages dedicated to a Mason or to Masonic records, but it can be any version of the Bible. Most Masonic Bibles are the King James version of the Bible.

What Is Red Henna?

Henna is a plant that produces a pigment used to dye hair, nails, skin, leather and natural fibers such as wool or silk. The only true henna is red henna; henna leaves produce a pigment that ranges from orange to deep red, depending on the growing conditions of the plant and preparation of the henna

How to Draw Graphic Novel Characters

Graphic novels have been steadily gaining in popularity since the '90s. Although the term graphic novel can sometimes be synonymous with comic book, the former designates something that can potentially be more expansive and story-based like a traditional novel. Artists such as Daniel Clowes and Adri

How to Write a Haibun Poem

Using a form that combines the descriptive qualities of prose with the concise punctuation of the haiku, the haibun presents a picture, scene or moment to the reader. While the haibun form depends on precision and brevity, it is still considered to fall into the category of informal verse. While the

How to Develop Your own Manga Style

The style of Japanese comics known as manga is one of the most unique forms of art in the world. It often focuses on very dramatic storylines and gregarious characters. If you want to create your own manga, you should find a mix of keeping with its traditional style while developing and adding your