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The Best Care Packages

The best care packages are themed, personalized and packed with favorite indulgences and other thoughtful and enjoyable items. Care packages can be appreciated gifts for romantic partners, family members or friends and are suitable gestures for a variety of occasions. The best items make the best ca

Why is Mistletoe Hung Over the Front Door?

Mistletoe is a semi-parasitic, poisonous plant used throughout history, often to symbolize fertility. There are two main varieties: Phoradendron flavescens grows along the American East Coast, and Viscum album grows in Europe.

How to Pull Seeds Out of a Pumpkin

Jack-o'-lanterns are fun decorations for any Halloween celebration, but before you can carve your designs, you have to scoop out the pumpkin seeds. Here is a quick, easy way to remove your pumpkin's "guts."

How to Make a Non-Toxic Smoke Bomb

Building a smoke-emitting bomb is a fairly simple exercise in chemistry. The most common variety of smoke bomb uses potassium nitrate (KNO3) and sugar; both are non-toxic, though ingesting KNO3 in large amounts has been linked to cancer. KNO3 is sold at hardware stores as stump remover and can also

Ideas for Angel Costumes

There is always a last-minute angel showing up for a Christmas play. Luckily, angel costumes are simple to put together if time and money are short. Make a safe angel costume suitable for children and adults whenever you need one. From a halo made out of tinsel garland to wings crafted...

Fun & Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

Make easy Christmas crafts with your kids.little santa image by Renata Osinska from Fotolia.comChristmas trees around the world are adorned with construction paper Santas and papier-mache ornaments made by the children in the home at their school, day care or extracurricular organization....

How to Decorate Premade Halloween Sugar Cookies

Create spooky, kooky Halloween cookies all your little goblins can enjoy. Save time by purchasing premade Halloween sugar cookies for decorating. Spend an afternoon with the family creating festive treats for trick-or-treaters. Encourage your goblins to create original designs. Demonstrate different

Unique Personalized Baptismal Gifts

Baptisms or christenings are common in many faiths, such as the Catholic Church or Protestant denominations. When you are shopping for a baptismal gift, consider choosing something that is both unique and personalized. Whether you have the gift literally personalized with the person's name or initia

Fog Machines & Special Effects

Fog machines are most commonly utilized in the entertainment industry to add special effects. They produce a dense vapor similar to fog or smoke created by vaporizing fluids that are mostly water and glycol-based or glycerin-based. Once it has left the fog machine and comes into contact with the moi

Table Settings For Christmas

Table settings become especially important at Christmas time, when the main meal, whether eaten at midday or in the evening, is central to the celebration. It totally would make sense to take extra care of the table's appearance, particularly if you consider the money you spend on this annual f

Israel's tourist attractions

Israel is the Holy Land for three major world religions- Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Besides the religious connections, Israel is steeped in natural beauty, with the Mediterranean Sea along its w

Baptism Decoration Ideas

A baptism is a joyous event where the family gathers to celebrate a child's new bond with God. It is also a good time to recognize the Godparents, other family members and close friends that support the child and his family. Family, friends and church members should all be invited to the Baptism to

Senior Birthday Ideas

It may be hard to find a thoughtful gift for a senior's birthday. Seniors often have less wants. Don't despair, finding a gift does not have to be impossible. Don't just go out and buy a generic gift. Consider personal, meaningful or useful gifts. Perhaps a gift that will help modernize...

How to Make Glass Tile Christmas Lights

If you're the type who isn't satisfied purchasing standard Christmas lights, and you prefer to stand out a bit with your holiday decor and make it yourself, you may consider making glass tile Christmas lights, which are composed of standard glass blocks like you'd see as part of the architecture in

Give the Gift of Solar Lighting

Give the gift of solar lighting at any time of year. Give a gift that keeps giving by saving people money on their electric bill. They will also be saving the environment each time they reduce their use of electricity.

Decorating Ideas for Windows at Christmas (with Pictures)

Transform your everyday window treatments into festive Christmas displays that you and everyone passing by your home can enjoy. Windows provide an opportunity for indoor and outdoor decorating because of their transparency. Dress up your windows this Christmas, along with the rest of your home, with

Nifty Ways to Wrap Presents

Part of the fun in receiving a gift is opening it. No matter if it's unexpected or not, it's always nice to receive a gift that shows the recipient that time and effort were put into not only selecting the gift, but also making it appealing. You don't have to throw every gift in a gift bag stuffed w

How to Make a February Wreath

Valentine's Day and cold weather are the two most prevalent themes for February. Combining these elements to make a February wreath can result in an enchanting outcome. With a few supplies from your local craft store and a little time and precision, this project is suitable for everyone. Novice craf