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Definition of Urban Settlement

An urban settlement is an area that is more densely populated than surrounding areas. Typically, urban settlements feature an abundance of man-made structures as opposed to rural areas, which contain more open space.

Traditional African Foods for Christmas

South Africans celebrate Christmas on Dec. 25, in accordance with the Christian faith. Traditional dinners are held with family and close friends and are sure to be lively and full of flavor. Dinner is served with a variety of sides, appetizers and beverages, including rooibos tea, which is a caffei

How to Teach About Chinese Culture

The world's most populous country, China is home to 1.35 billion people (as of 2010). According to the BBC, China has a long and varied history and culture; it has provided the foundation for many for many elements of the modern world, including gunpowder and paper money. Using a series of fun activ

Tools & Weapons Used by Cherokee Indian Tribes

Cherokee tribes have been resourceful with their surroundings using the earth to make special weapons and tools. According to the Cherokee Nation, one of the favorite materials of the Cherokee Indians was stone and flint. Because these materials were in abundance where the Cherokee people lived, the

Curacao Island Information

A popular stop for ships cruising the Caribbean and known for its many beaches and colonial architecture, the island of Curacao is a fascinating blend of cultures.

Types of Native American Arrowheads

The first arrowhead was crafted over 10,000 years ago. Arrows have evolved over the years and streamlined into feather-fetched arrows used today. Arrowhead artifacts have been found in rivers, hunting grounds, farms and construction sites. Archaeologists have found over 1,200 types of Native America

Hajj 2012 for Hajis

As, prophet Muhammad had said, "The one who performs hajj in its proper and complete form has all their past sins forgiven from Allah and they return to their homes as a newborn comes into ...

Lifestyle and Culture of Delhi People

Delhi being the capital has multi-culture and multi-ethnic flavor, which reflects in each corner of this city. Delhi is enclosed by four states explicitly Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan that have a solid influence ...

The History of Brocade Fabric

When you hear the term "brocade," you may instantly imagine your grandmother's gaudy, flowered couch. But brocade isn't just for grannies. This rich and versatile cloth dates back to ancient times--and is still adored by modern-day fashion designers. Perhaps you're thinking about adding some brocade

How to Sew a Historical Native American Costume

Sewing a Native American costume is not as difficult as you may think. In historical times, many Native American women would simply wear a type of tunic. Men might also have worn the tunic, but they would wear it a little shorter and over top of their pants. Choosing to use the right types of fabric

Saw Mills in the 1800s

Sawmills served as the cornerstone of the logging industry in the 1800s. Sawmills would cut logs into boards and deliver them to various markets in the United States and around the world. In the early 1800s, sawmills were usually located near the mouths of rivers and streams for easy water transport

What Were the Different Types of Ships the Vikings Used?

The vikings are well known as a seafaring people. They sailed to the New World long before Columbus, and their 793 raid on the island of Lindisfarne off northeast England is considered the dawn of the Viking Age. Many of their well built ships were fast and light, used for attacking. But the vikings

The History of the Hittites

The Hittites were an ancient people that are considered one of the most important civilizations in Mesopotamian history. It's from recovered ancient texts that historians have been able to piece together their history. Information is also found in several biblical passages such as when the Israelit

What Are Inventions from Greece?

Ancient Greece is responsible for many innovations we still use today.Temple of Apollo in the Ancient Agora in Athens, Greece image by Diane Stamatelatos from Fotolia.comSome of the greatest thinkers and philosophers in history were Greek. Many scientists and mathematicians were actually...

Where Does the Sound in a Seashell Come From?

Ocean SoundsHold an empty seashell up to your ear, and you can hear a noise that sounds very similar to ocean waves crashing on the shore. However, this phenomenon has nothing to do with where the seashell originated. The ocean sounds coming from the interior of seashells are related to...

Ancient Fishing Tools

Early fishing gear made use of indigenous materials and timeless image by KIERAN from Fotolia.comAncient fishing tools are precursors of the tools anglers use today. Sonar and GPS fish finders have replaced reliance on weed lines or flocks of feeding birds to signal where...

The History of Voodoo in New Orleans, Louisiana

Unlock the history of Voodoo in New Orleans, and you will discover the history of the city itself. Voodoo in New Orleans traces its roots to the ancient religions of Africa, but they came through the colonial outpost of Haiti.

What Technology Was Used to Build the Twin Towers in New York City?

When completed in the early 1970s the twin towers of New York City's World Trade Center were the tallest buildings in the world. Building such tall towers at the edge of a major river in lower Manhattan required some complex and groundbreaking technology.