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How to Rig an Oversize Load

Loading a trailer or a roof rack with a large amount of cargo is one job you want to do right. An unsecured load may become a deadly projectile on the road if your rigging fails. The key to safety is to properly position the load and be redundant in your strapping. This ensures that if one strap fai

Finding Profits Reconditioning RVs

QUOTE: "The difference between a good dealership and an OK one is the amount of time it takes to complete the Three "R" Cycle - Receive, Recondition and Resale. The faster a dealer gets a trade-in resold, generally higher the margin."Reconditioning previously owned RVs for resale

Top 10 Ways to Make Money While Traveling in Your RV

After traveling in our RV fulltime for awhile, we saw that we needed additional income. This is a list of our top 10 ways to make money while traveling in your RV either full time or part time. We tried a few and have been told about the others.

Used Go Karts

Interested in go karts? Looking to buy a used go kart? Read on for some tips

How to Customize My Honda Rebel

Honda Rebel is a simple cruiser-style beginner's bike. It's lightweight and easy to handle. It has a V-twin engine. Unfortunately, the Honda Rebel doesn't offer a lot of customization options for consumers since it comes with fixed specs. The only choice you get to choose for yourself is the bike's

The best places to find Caravans for sale!

You plan to buy Caravans for sale, and you don't know from where to start your research? Do not worry because there are a numbers of ways and places where you can buy a new ...

Increase RV and Motorhome Security

Improve Motorhome and RV Security with SolarTrac2 the wireless solar security system. The main brain, the solar panel and 12 volt battery are all built into one small roof module. It installs in just minutes without any permanent modifications to the roof or interior.

How do I Convert a Mail Truck into a Camper?

Mail trucks make great donor vehicles for conversion to homemade campers. The style of trucks used by the United States Postal Service and UPS are broad enough to accommodate a full-size bed, tall enough for most people to stand upright in, and already have access doors both from the cab and directl

Our Used RV Brought Our Family Closer Together

When you feel your family drifting apart, there are really only a couple of options at your disposal. You can sit back and watch it happen. This is a painful thing to do as you see your spouse and kids slowly become less involved with each other. Your other option is to come up with a way to recaptu

How to Renovate an RV Camper

Knowing how to renovate an RV camper can save you lots of money by not having to purchase a brand new one. It can also provide a customized living environment that allows you to have all the amenities that you personally require. A third reason, is that it will allow you to avoid the typical outgasi

Planning To Buy Your Dream Volkswagen Bay Window Bus!

So you are planning to buy your dream Volkswagen Bay Window Camper but you don't know where to start! Well, Class Campers can hopefully point you in the right direction with our guide to buying a bus.

RV Awning Lock -- Why Do I Need One?

Several awning locks for RV awnings are available but you might not know why you might benefit from having one on your RV, especially try if you are relatively new to RVing. This article will state the problem and give you some reasons why you might want to have an RV awning lock installed on your r

How Do Electric Motors Work?

The fact is, you don't know how it works because you have taken its presence for granted so if your child of 5 asks you how it works, you wouldn't know what to answer. Here are a few basics so at least you won't get embarrassed in front of your five year old kid.

Recreational Vehicles: Automobiles With Living Space And All Amenities

Recreational Vehicle, also known as RV, is an automobile that is trailer equipped with amenities and living space found in a home. RV consists of a bathroom, kitchen and sleeping amenities. These vehicles are considered as temporary living quarters for recreational purposes.

DIY Scanner With a Mobile Mount

Some scanners are designated as "Base and Mobile" scanners in their marketing materials. A base scanner that's also mobile-compatible likely ships with a bracket that can be used to mount the scanner into a vehicle, and also a desk mount. The scanner will also likely be shipped with a cigarette ligh

How to Wire an Isolated Trailer Wiring Harness to a Motorcycle for a Trailer

Planning a multiple day road trip with your motorcycle can be difficult because of the limited cargo space. One way to improve the carrying capacity is to tow a small trailer. All trailers used on public roads must have a minimum of brake, signal and marker lights. These lights are powered by your m