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Death and Dying - Removing Life Support

As a patient representative in a hospital for almost 10 years, I witnessed people deciding whether to remove life support from their loved one. In 2008, when my mother went into the hospital. I, as durable power of attorney, was asked to make a decision on removing life support should she have a hea

Coping With the Death of a Daughter

A now divorced mother receives a phone call. It is a strange voice on the other end of the phone who is asking her if she is the mother of this child. The mother's heart sinks and tears begin to fall. She instinctively knows that the next words from the stranger's voice will be the worst w

A Eulogy Sample - Get One Now

The joy that you feel for having this person a part of your life, the pain for the loss, regrets for not having to enjoy life longer with this person who is now about to leave the world behind, the immense love that you have for him or her- these are just few of the things you would like to share in

Burial Customs For Protestants, Catholic, Jewish, and Humanist

Today, the traditional burial in the ground is the preference most Americans have but cremation is increasing in popularity. In traditional burials, the family of the deceased selects a vault and casket, purchases a cemetery plot and plans the service.

Relying on Funeral Directors in Your Time of Greatest Need

Thankfully not many of us will have to deal with the practicalities of dealing with the death of a family member or loved one. There is a body of professionals that are able to help us through the practical and emotional minefields that will follow the death of someone close to us. Funeral directors

The Orphan Club

The Orphan Club is a club that is open to all.You do not choose to belong to this club but are a member by virtue of your parent dying.Grief is the common denominator of its members.

The Healing Power of a Eulogy Speech

The Native Americans honored those who had passed with the greatest of honor and respect that a person can have bestowed upon them. They spoke of the great deeds and the great life of the person who had passed on. The complimented him for all that he had done, their eulogy was more a final and compl

How to Give a Eulogy Speech

You don't have to be an expert public speaker to give a great eulogy speech. You just have to speak from the heart. Let your heart do the talking for you. Use your own churning emotions to state how you really feel - your grief to show how much you will miss your recently deceased loved one, yo

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Bronze Cemetery Markers

When choosing cemetery markers for their loved ones, consumers have a lot of important considerations to make. These are flat structures that are laid flush to the ground. As with conventional headstones, these designs will not be installed until the earth has fully settled.

Funeral Directors And The Grieving Process

Grief can be experienced after numerous events - the end of a relationship, the loss of a job or even a geographical relocation when friends and family must be left behind. Of course, the most significant cause of grief is the death of a loved one. Like many emotional reactions to major life events,

When Grandma is Dying - What to Do With the Young Children

When Grandma (or anyone else close) is dying we need to consider the children's lack of sophistication about death. But children know more than we think and know it sooner than we realize. It is best to let them in on what is going on in the household to the degree that they can understand. If

See How You Can Write a Sincere Eulogy Speech

A lost love is nothing compared to a lost loved one. As a matter of fact, the death of your loved one can be really sorrowful. However, there is nothing you can do about it. Thus, you just have to accept the fact that your loved one has already completed his mission here on earth and that it is now

The Haitian Tragedy - Healing After the Death of Loved Ones

Days after a 7.0 earthquake devastated Port-au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti, family members battled for a proper burial of their loved ones. Yet, despite the deaths and destruction, the people struggled to survive. While not in such desperate circumstances, perhaps you too have suffered the dea

Sending Flowers For a Funeral - How to Do it Right

Sending flowers for a funeral or memorial service can be very stressful. It can be difficult to know what is appropriate... but it doesn't have to be. There are no formal rules for funeral flowers, and nowadays you can go beyond the traditional arrangements and send something more personal. Rea

The Growing Popularity of Green Burials

With many people wanting to turn back their ways to a simpler, healthier green life, comes a new thought about how to leave as little impact on the earth as possible in your death. In past history, when people died they were wrapped in a blanket and placed in the ground. Their bodies decomposed quic

Funeral Poems and Eulogy Verses

A lot of people read out poems at wakes and funerals. They have a lot of positive effect because something which is beautifully written and sensible expressed can actually have a soothing effect on the bereaving.

Funeral Bulletins Commemorate the Life of a Loved One

To help the bereaved family members and some close friends deal with death and to help them tread this somehow unfamiliar territory, they hold a memorial service in the name of their departed loved one. This funeral service also serves as their avenue to pay their last respects and bring closure to

Layout of an Obituary

The layout of an obituary has some specific sections that can be included.If you've already gathered some information for the eulogy, you may have most of the information you need for the obituary. Other than the name and the date of death, all other parts are not essential and can be listed in

Funeral Program Cover Design

There are some really beautiful custom funeral program covers that overlay your loved one's photo directly onto a background. This is one such example in the above photo of a memorial service program. The funeral program example is a graduated style program with an 8 page layout.