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Landlord Rights in Florida on Eviction

When a tenant fails to hold up his end of the responsibilities regarding the rental property, the landlord reserves the right to take back possession of the property. He must follow a certain legal protocol, however. He cannot just tell a tenant to leave or resort to tactics like changing the locks,

Understanding Transitional Provisions in Real Estate

In this article we explain what happens with transitional provisions in Jamaica real estate. Persons practicing real estate business before an Act was put in place was not governed by certain guidelines, see what provisions were available after the Jamaica real estate Act was prescribed.

Reducing You Property Taxes in California

The act of Proposition eight was passed by the voters of California in 1978, this is a constitutional amendment which allows for the reduction in property taxes and when the value has declined. This particularly happens when assessed value of your property is more than the value of the property itse

How to Declare a Homestead in Montana

Homestead laws are designed to protect people from losing their primary home to creditors and vary from state to state. However, a homestead designation does not keep a mortgage holder from being able to foreclose on a property. Only outside creditors are prevented from encumbering and forcing the s

Proper Notice of Eviction

A proper notice of eviction is one in which all legal requirements for eviction are met, including the delivery of a quit notice, filing the correct paperwork in court, and serving the tenant with the eviction lawsuit.

What Are Grounds for Eviction in Georgia?

A landlord can evict a tenant in limited circumstances. In Georgia, a landlord must follow a specific procedure and cannot simply change the locks on the premises. Before seeking court intervention, the landlord must demand that the tenant vacate the premises. When the tenant refuses, the...

How to Find a Good Real Estate Attorney

Navigating the legal world alone can be a bewildering experience. In some cases, it can even end up costing you more money than if you had hired an experienced attorney to begin with.

Can a Lender Foreclose on a House That Charged off on the 2nd Lien?

Your second lienholder's decision to charge off your home's second lien didn't mean it forgave your debt. The lienholder can still exercise its power to foreclose pursuant to its lien. However, if your home is hardly worth enough to pay off the first lien, your second lienholder's foreclosure is unl

What Is a Roommate Lease Agreement?

Roommate lease agreements are a set of rules that your rooming arrangement is based on. Before moving in to your new house or apartment, You and your potential roommate(s) should meet somewhere, sit down and go other your agreement together. You and your roommates will need to form clear rules and e

Can You Offer the Bank a Lower Offer on a Foreclosed Home?

Opportunities may exist for a prospective home buyer to submit an offer for a foreclosed home. A banker typically accepts the asking price or the highest offer for a foreclosed home. However, your due diligence could influence a banker to review your negotiated offer for a foreclosed home.

Tax Lien Laws

A tax lien is an encumbrance placed against property due to the failure of the property owner to pay taxes, normally federal income tax or state property tax. Although each state has its own tax lien laws, these laws are generally consistent with each other. Most states hold tax lien sales in which

Tenancy Lease Agreement

A tenancy lease agreement is a contract made between landlord and tenant and defines their legal relationship during the life of the lease.

Kentucky Law on Filing Property Liens

Kentucky lien laws dictate the process for filing a lien against a parcel of real estate and the various types of liens which can be levied against a property owner. State laws mirror and enhance United States federal lien laws.

The Tenant Landlord Act of Ontario

Ontario's tenant landlord act is called the "Residential Tenancies Act" (RTA) and governs residential tenant and landlord law. The government periodically enacts regulations to elaborate on the RTA; the RTA and regulations must be considered together to resolve landlord and tenant issues.

Bombay Rent Control Act

Mumbai has the second largest city population in the world. Formerly known as Bombay, this Indian city has some 14 million residents (as of 2010). The Bombay Rents, Hotel and Lodging House Rates Control Act 1947, more commonly known as the Bombay Rent Act, was signed into law in 1947 with the intent

Landlord Tenant Forms Required in California

Renting a property requires more documents than just a leasing agreement. In the state of California, several additional forms, notices and disclosures are required by law when dealing with landlord-tenant agreements.

NYC Real Estate Laws

New York City has some of the world's most desirable real york city image by Bionic Media from Fotolia.comNew York City is one of America's most densely populated areas. Its real estate comes under both city and state law. This covers a wide variety of real estate subjects...

Finding a Lawyer in Wilmington

There are numerous lawyers in Delaware and the city of Wilmington thatyou can choose from. Many of the lawyer that you can choosefrom specializes in a certain type of law. There are several differentreasons why one may need a lawyer.If you are selling or purchasing real estate or property you may wa

What Are The Legal Aspects of Buying Real Estate?

Buying real estate is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. It is important to understand the legal implications and be fully informed about the property before you undertake such a large investment.