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Night Photography

Since 1932 people have been taking photos at night and while technology gets better so does the image quality. Night Photography refers to photos taken outside between dusk and early morning. Photographers have the choice ...

Live Green Screen Software Is The Chroma Key Screen Secrete Weapon

Working with live green screen software in your home video studio can be very simple and not quite as complicated as you might think. Chroma key screen allows the movie maker to be able to create any background, he or she desires with no constraints. It is widely used in Hollywood for creating films

A Few Helpful Tips For Taking Digital Photographs

Here I am going to run through a few tips for digital photography which will help you while out taking photographs or setting up a photo shoot. Some of you might know these but I am sure there is some here to help someone.

Pictures for Life

With the possibility that I may be an undiscovered Van Gogh or Monet, getting the paints and canvas out has a lovely romanticism about it, and an excitement when I imagine myself in a field of poppies wistfully painting without a care in the world. Not only as a creative outlet but used for expressi

Animal Photographer Salary

Animal photographers capture images of animals in domestic and wild habitats. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that most photographers are self-employed and earn an annual income of approximately $35,000 regardless of their subject matter. Animal photographers can be employed by several d

5 Tips for Outside Photography

Are you one of those people who loves to take pictures but the ones you take outside of your friends, family, etc. don't quite turn out the way you want them to. For example their ...

How to Restore a Black & White Photo

There is no way around it: photos eventually fade and deteriorate. Since photos are often closely connected with our own personal memories or family history, it is important to preserve old photos so that, even when the original photo deteriorates completely, the memory is not lost. Thankfully, in t

Photography Basics

Are you interested in taking up photography? This article is meant to give you some basic insight to the world of photography, and to give you some pointers about what you need to study further.

Plan a wedding in the Caribbean's

Wedding photographers in Nevis prefer to go for a face to face meeting to settle everything in the first go itself. Going with a step by step procedure helps them in ascertaining their to-do-list for

Memory-Keeping on a Budget: My 5 Best Tips

There are two things we all need to bear in mind when it comes to our personal memory-keeping - time and money. It's important to keep the time commitment in mind but it's also important to keep the budgeting part in mind so that you don't get derailed and become demotivated. Here are

Nikon D5000: Following the Nikon Tradition

Nikon's marketing for their D5000 DSLR camera is pretty simple. They say that it is smart, sharp, and simply brilliant. This is a bold marketing statement for a camera that shares a lot of features with the critically acclaimed D90.

Don't Forget That Time Is Money in Freelance Photography

Many freelance photographers often price their services based on their costs (with an appropriate mark up -- of course!). However, while doing so many forget to factor in one of the important costs of doing business -- time. Make no mistake, time is money, in the world of freelance photography as we

Learn to Take Good Photographs

In my experience teaching digital photography I hear people ask me how to take digital pictures and most importantly how to get crisp sharp digital pictures. I am also asked if learning digital photography is easy or hard and how long does it take. Well I can safely tell you that there are lots of r

How to Use the Manual Focus on a Nikon D200

The Nikon D200 camera is a full-body style DSLR. The D200 is considered a "prosumer" level camera. "Prosumer" cameras are considered to be somewhere between professional and amateur consumer level in terms of quality and features. One feature the D200 has is a manual focus over-ride, allowing you to

Things to Know Before Taking a Pet Picture

There are lots of steps to take pet pictures. Actually, you can surf the internet in finding tips and ideas on how to perfectly take pictures of your pets. In reading this article, it is your first step in learning how.

Best DSLR EOS Rebel t3i

Canon eos Rebel t3i is a thin weight Digital SLR from cannon. Most of the time because of size of Digital SLR people think that it is heavy weighted and hard to carry but this canon eos Rebel t3i is d