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Bunnies For Easter

Last year I got sick of buying candy for Easter baskets; so I bought bunnies instead. WOW did my kids have fun with that.

Getting A Great Cage For Your Ferret

Youre planning on adopting a ferret and looking forward to having this energetic and inquisitive creature running around your house, but have you though about what kind of cage to get him?

Recipes for Homemade Dog Food

If you've ever scoured the Internet looking for some delicious and easy to prepare recipes for homemade dog food, be sure to add these to your list. They will certainly have your dog eager fo

All About The Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier has been nicknamed, and justly so "the American Gentleman. " And has earned its nick name due to its wonderful, gentle disposition. Not to mention its tuxedo like coat.

How to Use Injectable Ivermectin As a Wormer in Rabbits

Several types of nematodes (parasitic worms) in rabbits can be treated with injectable ivermectin, known by the brand name Ivomec. Symptoms of these parasites include diarrhea, loss of appetite and weight loss. Ivermectin is considered safe to use in rabbits and effective, but only when used proper

The Practical Use Of Pet Steps In Your House

A lot people claim that pets are their best companion in the house. They are loyal, friendly and always want to be with their master. They love your consistent soft pats and cuddles.

How to Put Santa Hats on Goats

Goats are some of the goofiest creatures. You can’t help but love their antics, their personalities and their ability to put up with just about anything as long as there is food involved. You can even put Santa hats on goats. With a little strategic planning and maneuvering, you can turn your

Keeping Your Pet Safe This Halloween

It's almost Halloween... a traditionally favorite time of the year. Many people love all the excitement, the costumes, the candy, the decorations, and did I mention the candy? Our animal friends, however, just might find this time of year, this holiday, a bit too scary for them. 1. The days bef

How to Introduce Rabbits to Other Pets

Rabbits are very sociable creatures. They enjoy interacting with their human companions once they learn to trust you (see the Bond With Your Rabbit'Gain Your Rabbit's Trust eHow). Their social nature makes most rabbits happiest when they have a rabbit companion or another companion. (see #5 Choose a

Some Scary Things You Need to Know About Skin Beetles

There are well over 500 species of skin beetles found in the Dermestidae family. These beetles are also often referred to as leather, hide, larder, and carpet beetles. Most range in size from 1 to 12 millimeters.

Tips for Animal Shelter

While we love the idea of having pets in our homes and lives few of us are prepared for the various changes that must be implemented for these animals to live with us. When this happens many people wi

Facing Fear

Banish the fear and put the fun back into riding.

Chinese Dwarf Hamsters

Discover the secrets of Chinese Dwarf Hamster Care! Caring for Chinese Dwarf Hamsters is one of the most rewarding things you can do as a pet owner. These amazing creatures are easy to look after if y

Toilet Training Dogs

There are few points more trying and hard today, compared to toilet training canines. This is something seems to be the toughest of all classes when it comes to the regime for the puppy. This ...

Facts You Should Know Before Buying Pet Insurance.

When you compare pet insurance, you find it is similar to a person's medical insurance. It pays for the costs of veterinary care if the pet becomes sick or injured. Depending on the policy, the ...

Interesting and Fun Facts on Horses

Horses are known for their power, grace, beauty, nobility, strength and freedom. They are part of the family Equidae, which consist of donkeys, zebras, mules and more.