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Cutest Cat Contest Picture Gallery: Butterscotch

Is your cat the cutest cat in the world? is pleased to announce the Cutest Cat Picture Contest. Please read the rules carefully, then submit your Cutest Cat photo by following these Guidelines.

Cutest Cat Contest Picture Gallery: Samantha 2*

Cutest Cat Contestant Samantha 2. Is your cat the cutest cat in the world? is pleased to announce the Cutest Cat Picture Contest. Please read the rules carefully, then submit your Cutest Cat photo by following these Guidelines.

Cat Litter Boxes - Part One - Pick of the Litter

The aim of this article is to provide engineered solutions for every problem as it relates to your cat's litter box by targeting the root cause. Topics include: cost, odor, type of litter, brand of litter, type of box, placement, cleaning, health concerns, number of cats, cat not using, ventila

2008 Tortoiseshell Cats Picture Gallery: Kleta

Tortoiseshell cats are cloaked in the lovely colors of fall, so it is fitting to honor these lovely tortie ladies in November. Tortoiseshell cats, like their sisters, the calicoes, have spunky, sassy personalities - what we often describe as 'tortitude.' Enjoy these colorful tortie picture

How to Build a cat Condo

Cats love to scratch, hide and climb, so many pet owners invest in cat condos for Kitty's enjoyment. Pre-made cat condos are expensive and after the cat gets used to it, often sits unused. Use one of these ideas to make inexpensive cat condos at home.

Cat Breeds Picture Gallery: Oriental Cat Orli

While August's Cats Picture Calendar was devoted to domestic cats, September is changing the pace with photos of purebred pedigreed cats. September is a month of variety in both climate and activities. It is still warm enough for summer activities, while cooler evenings bring a hint of fall. It

Benefits of Cat Neutering

Neutering is beneficial for image by tnk333 from Fotolia.comNeutering male cats has many benefits for the cat, the pet owner and the animal population as a whole. Neutering---removing a male animal's testicles so he cannot breed---is a simple procedure that a veterinarian can...

3 Things That You Should Know If You Are Planning On Getting Siamese Cats

Siamese cats have always been a special attraction among cat lovers as their owners take pride in the exotic look of this breed. If you are planning to get a Siamese cat, you will need to have information about their exclusive Siamese breeders. It will also be a good idea to have a checklist of ques

6 Must Know Tips Before Getting A Kitten

Getting a kitten can be one of the most wonderful experiences in a person's life. For anyone wishing to bring home a kitten for the first time, there are lots of important points that have to be noted by the members of his or her household. Since it is a huge step to bring a pet home, it is alw

How to Apply Topical Medications for Cats

Topical medications for cats can be used for routine treatments, such as flea and tick control, or for specialized cases as ointments where wounds or sores are present. Many topical medications come with an applicator; others call for a cotton tip or swab for application. When applying a topical med

Common Cat Ailments for Vomiting

The reason your cat is vomiting can be varied. If vomiting occurs infrequently, it may be nothing to worry about; however, if it occurs more frequently, there may be cause for concern. Whatever the reason your cat is vomiting, it is important to ensure your cat does not become dehydrated. Knowing th

If You've Got a Cat, You've Gotta Getta Neko Birbug

The Birbug and Neko Telescoping Rod are an innovative invention of Nekochan Enterprises' owner Ellen. My cats were given the opportunity to test this tantalizing wand with a large "bird-bug" lure. Read their review in the article on

How to Find Russian Blue Kittens

The Russian Blue cat made its debut in a show at the Crystal Palace in England during the year 1875. Russian Blues tend to be quiet, careful and meticulous. With a short blue coat and striking green eyes, these cats have captured the hearts of many owners. Russian Blue cats are known for their undem

National Week For Taking Your Cat to the Vet

August 16th to 22nd is the National Take Your Cat To The Vet Week and is designed to remind cat owners that a vet checkup once a year is very useful. Cats can disguise their problems quite cleverly and owners are often surprised to see that a cat that is acting normally one week, has serious health

Homeopathic Remedies for Feline Hyperesthesia

Feline hyperesthesia disorder, sometimes referred to as rolling skin syndrome, is not well understood. When a cat has FHS, symptoms will include the pet seeming to hallucinate, having manic, hyperactive and even aggressive episodes, obsessive grooming and possibly even seizures. The reason why FHS d