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Corneal Edema in Dogs

Researchers estimate that dogs can see less than half the distance that humans are capable of seeing. Like humans, your dog's eyes are susceptible to many eye conditions and diseases, one of which is corneal edema.

Why Do Cats and Dogs Eat Grass?

Many people ask why their dog eats grass. The reasons can vary from they like the taste to possibly an empty or upset stomach.

What to Feed a Dog With Canine Inflammatory Disease

Canine inflammatory disease is a general term that includes inflammatory bowel disease, colitis and pancreatitis. Food allergies also can cause inflammation of a dog's gastrointestinal tract. It's important to get a veterinary diagnosis when you notice common symptoms such as diarrhea and excess gas

Pet Health Insurance Company Interview: Petplan

This interview is part of a continuing series of pet health insurance company interviews. I will be using the same ten questions for each of the veterinary health insurers so that viewers can learn about each company and compare what plans are available. In this interview, Chris Ashton, co-founder &

Cushing's Disease & Depression

If your aging dog is lethargic and seems depressed, it may be more than old age, it could be Cushing's disease. While Cushing's disease can mimic some problems brought on by old age, detection and treatment can add many healthy, happy years to a dog's life.

Best Gifts for Veterinarians and Staff

The holidays are approaching, and if you are wondering how to say "thank you" to your favorite veterinarian and his/her staff, here are some great ideas for the whole clinic!

Glaucoma Test for Dogs

Glaucoma takes place in dogs when abnormally high pressure develops within the eye, creating substantial damage to the optic nerve. This happens when the drainage system responsible for removing fluids from the eye becomes clogged, allowing great amounts of fluids to accumulate. This excess fluid pr

How to Tell If a Dog Has Tumors, Cysts or Cancer

Tumors and cancer are some of the most serious and frightening conditions your pet can suffer from. Many forms of cancer move quickly in dogs, so early detection is essential to giving your dog the best odds of survival.

Kidney Failure & Weight Loss

Kidney failure can happen suddenly, particularly in the case of a dog's ingesting toxins like antifreeze. Some dogs, usually older dogs, have kidney failure that results from a ruptured bladder or a drop in blood and oxygen flow to the kidneys.

L/D Diet for Liver Disease in Dogs

Liver disease is very complex, with many different causes and symptoms. Treatment includes dietary management, often by feeding Hill's prescription l/d food, along with supplements and medication. Dogs with liver disease may act depressed, be unwilling to eat and have gastrointestinal upset and a sw

How to Treat Liver Disease in Dogs

The liver regulates the level of chemicals, produces proteins for blood plasma, converts waste products, produces bile, stores glycogen for later use as energy, and eliminates toxins from the blood stream. Liver disease is one of the leading causes of the death of dogs in the United States.

The Life of a Veterinary Technician

The life of a vet tech is often demanding; long hours, lots of lifting and lots of cleaning up of smelly substances. Not to mention the chance of getting bit or scratched while assisting the doctor with a variety of pets. Is it worth it? Does the love of animals override the demands? Is the salary a

Prednisolone Side Effects in Cats

Prednisolone is often perscribed to reduce the pain associated with surgery.two cats on chair image by MasterAdrian from Fotolia.comPrednisone is an anti-inflammatory drug prescribed to cats and humans alike to reduce inflammation and reduce immune response. The liver converts the drug...

What to Feed a Dog That Is in Renal Failure

Renal (kidney) failure in dogs is evidenced by lethargy and loss of appetite. It can be confirmed by your veterinarian using lab tests. The kidneys are the filters of the body and help regulate fluid balance and blood pressure. These important organs also allow nutrients to go where they belong and

Homeopathy Medicine Used for a Tumor

When you find a lump on your dog, the prognosis is often grim. If a tumor is benign, it may cause your dog pain and discomfort. Surgery is often the only treatment option. If it is malignant, most of the traditional treatments are unappealing. Options include surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, all

Kidney Failure in Dogs & Death

Canine kidney failure is one of the leading causes of death in dogs more than 10 years old. As the kidneys age, they begin to lose some of their ability to filter out toxins and waste products in the dog's bloodstream and then properly divert these to be eliminated via urine or fecal matter. There a

Inflammatory Diseases in Dogs

Dogs are susceptible to several inflammatory diseases, some of them the same as those in humans and some that only attack dogs. Some of those that are found only in dogs can be found in the general canine population while some are only found in specific breeds. Some inflammatory diseases in dogs a

Prevention of Canine Kidney Failure

Dogs are prone to a number of different kidney problems such as acute kidney failure and chronic kidney failure. Some diseases get progressively worse as time goes on, and some come on suddenly. Either way, the condition prevents dogs from releasing toxic wastes from their bodies and therefore can u