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How to Keep Cockroaches out of the House

Most people consider cockroaches to be nasty, disease carrying creatures that have no place inside a home. This may not be entirely true, but one can easily understand why the tiny creatures are so loathed. Read more to learn the best way to keep cockroaches out of the house for once and for all.

Information About Black Widow Spider Bites

The female black widow spider possesses venom 15 times stronger than that of a prairie rattlesnake, notes the Desert USA website. This makes the bite of this spider extremely dangerous.

Georgia's Snakes

Georgia's snake population includes both venomous and nonvenomous snakes. The climate and landscape of Georgia provide the perfect habitat for around 40 different species of snakes. They can be found all over the state and in a number of different environments, with some snake species being more p

Green Snake Facts

Only two species of green snake exist, known commonly as the rough and the smooth green snake. Five subspecies of green snakes exist, and all are distinguishable by their characteristic bright green color that allows them to easily blend into grass and other vegetation, protecting them from predator

How to Kill the Frog in "The Ant Bully"

"The Ant Bully" is a video game based on the 2006 animated movie of the same name. In the game, you play Lucas Nickle, who is transformed into an ant-sized boy as a punishment for being cruel to insects. In the game version, you confront a huge frog that wants to eat you when you arrive at the garde

What Are Harvester Ants Good For?

One of the most notable features of harvester ants is their large--sometimes 6-feet in diameter--mounded nest. Harvester ants work tirelessly to clear the area above their subterranean colonies of debris, weeds and other plant life, leaving only a mandible-nipped circle of vegetation-free soil strew

How to Identify Spiders With Pictures

Identifying more common species of spiders, at least to the genus, is much more simple than trying to identify uncommon spiders. Some genera of spiders have distinct characteristics; examples include formation of the eyes, markings, web shape and reproductive traits. When trying to identify a spider

The Life Cycle of a Millipede

ReproductionMillipedes reproduce sexually, where the sperm from the male is deposited inside the body of the female to fertilize her eggs. In millipedes, depending on the species, mating can take up to two days. There is a mating season for millipedes, but again, this season differs...

How to Make a Butterfly Breeding Program

Butterfly farming, for profit or for increase of butterfly populations, starts with breeding. Collecting eggs, caterpillars or pupae in a natural setting is a good place to begin. But once you have successfully raised them to the butterfly stage, breeding is the most sustainable and responsible way

How to Make a Mesh Top for a Snake Cage

The type of cover used on a terrarium or snake tank is very important for the health of your pet. Screen or mesh covers have small holes which allow air to continually circulate while providing a secure cover, to prevent your snake from escaping. The screens can be constructed to fit tanks of all si

What Is the Functional Adaptation of a Butterfly Fish?

Many functional adaptations give the butterfly fish family a unique edge in the fight to survive and reproduce. The butterfly fish's compact, mobile anatomy makes it adept at feeding off reefs. Its ornate, colorful design confuses predators and also makes it a popular addition to aquariums.

Oak Orchard Flies

Oak trees belong to the genus Quercus. Their sizes, growth rates and leaf characteristics are distinct between different species. They are grouped as either red oak, which feature pointed or bristled leaf tips and acorns that mature in two growing seasons, or white oak, which typically have rounder

Features of a Honey Bee

The honeybee is an insect with several intriguing features.honey bee image by leafy from Fotolia.comHoneybees "Apis mellifera" are a very important insect for the human, plant and animal kingdoms. The honeybee provides humans, animals, birds and plants with nourishing honey, beeswax and...

How to Manage Bee Hives

Beekeeping may seem like an unusual hobby but it's one in which many people take part. Bees are important insects because of their role in pollination and the natural production of honey and beeswax. They live in beehives in the tens of thousands, which appear naturally in the wild or are placed in

What to Do If Your Pet is Stung by a Bee Or Wasp

It's getting towards that time of year again when pets and children alike are tearing around in the back yard and can be susceptible to bee and wasp stings. Unfortunately, for some animals, being stung can be a matter of life and death. Therefore, it is important for an owner to know exactly wh

What Is the Life Span of a Ladybug?

The ladybug is a part of the Coccinellidae beetle family, which is made up of approximately 5,000 different species worldwide. Almost all ladybug species live in temperate climates where foliage such as trees, shrubs and flowers grow in abundance. A typical ladybug life span is one year; however, so

How to Keep Giant Water Bugs

Giant water bugs are commonly mistaken for cockroaches. Giant water bugs are known to crawl up the pipes in a home and through the shower drain. These insects are usually about 1.5 inches long, but they can get up to 4 inches long under the right circumstances. If you have caught a giant water bug a

How to Keep the Humidity Up in a Tarantula Cage

Tarantulas can make good pets because of their docility. The one key component to a tarantula's survival is maintaining its climate. Without sufficient humidity, a tarantula can fall prey to inactivity, drying out and ultimately death. Depending on your species of tarantula, how you keep your humidi

How to Make a Horse Out of Straw

Straw horses originate from ancient times. In the past, they were used for decoration and as symbolic sacrifices. Many modern-day celebrations of ancient events still "sacrifice" straw horses in place of real ones. Straw horses have a wood frame with straw glued or tied around the skeleton frame to