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How to Refurbish a Sand Arena

A riding arena is of paramount importance to anyone training horses. A soft sand surface not only provides the ideal surface to reduce impact for both horses and riders, but also drains water quickly and easily. Depending on the amount of use a sand arena receives, it will at some point require eith

What Is a Racking Mare?

Racking Horses are known for their beauty, stamina and calm disposition. They gained their start on the vast plantations of the South, where it was learned the horse could be ridden for hours comfortably because of its smooth and natural gait. Known for its intelligence and versatility, the Rackin

Popular Horse Movies

There are lots of horse movies to enjoy. Here's a list of popular horse movies that any horse lover, and many non-horse persons would enjoy watching.

How to Use a Hay Net in a Stall

Hay nets are slow feeders. They keep horses from eating all of the hay at once. The hay net in the stall allows him to munch whenever he wants, a natural way for him to graze all day. A slow-feeding net hole is about 1-1/2 inches so the horse has to tug at the hay to get it out. Hay nets keep hay of

Horses Equal Fun, and More Fun

Up to this point I have been discussing the very serious aspects of buying and owning a horse. I would like to take a moment to go to the flip side, which is the best part.

Finding the Right Equestrian Equipment

Horse riding is a great pastime and sport, and there's nothing better than looking after your pet and beloved friend, however more and more people are getting involved in horse riding all the time with very little to no knowledge of the best way to care for there animal. There is no doubt that

What Are the Treatments for Deep Digital Flexor Tendon Injuries in Horses?

The horse can weigh over 1,200 pounds and run at speeds of 35 mph and greater. Its size and strength make it one of the more overwhelming and majestic of the animals we have domesticated for our use. Despite their size and strength, however, horses can be quite fragile. The old saying "no hoof, no h

Hoberman Sphere: A Great Toy for Therapeutic Riding Class Game

Have you seen the Hoberman sphere? It's like a geodesic dome. The Hoberman sphere is a colorful toy made of light weight plastic that can be used in therapeutic riding classes to help the rider stretch and reach while playing with the toy.

How to Build a Three Rail Horse Fence

A properly built and maintained horse fence is the most effective way to separate pasture from areas where horses should not be. Horses are less inclined to run through a board fence because of high visibility. While this type of fence is more expensive than other options, it is easier to care for a

Horse Engravings Gifts

Make your horse-owning friends happy with a special gift.Horse Riding Girl - Horse stopped in front of obstacle image by Kradsmit from Fotolia.comIf any of your friends own their own horses, you can make their next birthday or holiday celebration more special with a customized and...

How to Train a Harness Horse

Not too long ago horses were the predominant form of transportation, and even today many people enjoy long and leisurely carriage rides. Driving competitions are also popular with horse owners, and an excellent way for horse owners to have fun with their animals. In many ways training a harness hors

How to Bring Out the Color in a Palamino Horse

Palomino horses are both easily identified and prized for their rich golden coat colors. According to the Palomino Horse Breeders Association, registered palomino horses are roughly the shade of a newly minted 14-karat gold United States coin. Variations can be both slightly lighter or slightly dark

Signs of Water in the Lungs for Dogs

Pay attention to see if your dog has trouble breathing.stray dog image by Cherry-Merry from Fotolia.comIf your dog has water in the lungs, this can be a serious problem. It may be a sign of pneumonia or other medical conditions, or it could be that your dog ingested water in its lungs...

How to Fasten a Tie Down

If your horse consistently raises his head to get away from the bit, a tie down may help you adjust this behavior. The tie down attaches to the horse's halter, runs behind the breastcollar and attaches to the girth to control your horse's vertical head movement. A correctly fastened tie down keeps t

My First Horse and the Farrier Scare

The Farrier scared the life out of me his first visit with me. It was shortly there after i realized he didn't really know what he was doing. Then i got worried.

How to Tie Mecate Reins on a Bosal

While bosals and mecate reins are most closely associated with the romance of the California reined horsemen, they are often used by many of today's trainers to start young horses under saddle. The bosal traditionally has been made of rawhide while the best mecate reins have been made of hair from t