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Advantages of Using Aquarium Chillers and Aquarium Test Kits

Maintenance of an aquarium is not as simple as it may sound to be. However once you get understand the real trick this would turn out to be one of your regular activities. The most common problem which aquarium owners come across is sudden increase in water temperature during summers.

Mosquito Fish Fact Sheet

The Mosquito Fish is a name used for several species of Gambusia, including Gambusia affinis and Gambusia holbrooki. The name of the genus Gambusia comes from a Portuguese word, gambusino which means useless. Until the 1900's they were called Top Minnows, then their name was changed. They are n

Little Pond

There are those of us that love garden ponds and love to keep fish, but don't necessarily have the garden to accommodate a pond. Imagination always presents us with the perfect image of a large pond with a waterfall and plenty of large fish swimming happily in their home. Imagination always pre

Is Tilapia a Freshwater Fish?

The name "tilapia" applies to a large number of fish species. Tilapia inhabit fresh water in Africa and Asia.

Finding the Hiding Places in a Tropical Fish Tank

Did you know that fish will become stressed without having hiding places in tropical fish tank? This is something that many new tank owners don't realize. In providing your fish with places to get away for awhile, you will be doing wonders for lowering their stress levels and keeping them healt

Are Aquarium Snails Pets Or Pests?

Most fish keepers see snails as pests. You can't blame them as some really are. But on the other hand, some folks keep snails as pets. There are a variety of aquarium snails available. Typically, pet grade snails are available at your local pet shop. In some cases, little snails can be hidden i

Spice Up Your Fish Tank With Fancy Goldfish

Like the Comet Goldfish, Fancy Goldfish are usually middle swimmers, meaning you find them in the middle of the fish tank moving around.Fancy Goldfish need buddies, 2 or 3 other Goldfish is the right way to go.

Starting Your First Aquarium

People become astounded when they are around Fish Aquariums; watching the fish swim by and doing what they do best, amusing people. The fish really are not trying to be amusing they do what they do every day all their lives.

What Is a Primary Carnivore?

Nature is split into many different kinds of living creatures on the Earth. There are also many different ways to classify and define these creatures. One way is the food chain--what a creature eats and also what eats it. Carnivores eat other animals, and a primary carnivore is a type of carnivore.

Rosy Barbs Are Comfortable in Their Own Group

The only thing you should remember about Rosy barbs is their tendency to live in the group of their own kind. They are not much comfortable with the other species and if you keep them with any other type of fish, they will fight all the time.

Freshwater Aquarium - Feel the Benefits!

The many benefits of owning a freshwater aquarium are many. Some are only superficial like to sit and stare at the aquarium after a hard days work.

How to Remove Fish From an Aquarium Without Any Harm

Fish are beautiful pets. They are very cute while swimming in the tank. However, it is true that they will die one day. You need to evacuate that dead fish from the tank quickly. If it remains in the tank for some time, its body will pollute the tank and it will pose a danger to other living fish in

Information on the Jack Dempsey Cichlid

The Jack Dempsey cichlid (Rocio octofasciata) is a large freshwater fish native to North and Central America. Jack Dempsey cichlids are a popular aquarium fish that have striking coloration and an impressive size. They are highly aggressive in small aquariums and will attack other fish near their te

How Often Should You Put Stress Coat in an Aquarium Tank?

The slime coating on a fish is a mucoprotein layer that protects the fish against infection and acts as a barrier against electrolyte loss from osmosis. Stressors such as being shipped in large numbers in small containers, fighting and net capture can damage the natural slime coat, leaving a fish op

Common Habits, Means and Size of a Tilefish

The size of a tilefish greatly depends on the variety of its species. This is regarded as important food fish, but must not be taken in by pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

How to Build an Inland Lobster Breeding Tank

Lobsters will live and breed in tanks given the proper conditions. However, they do not take well to sharing their space with other fish and especially with other lobsters. This makes breeding lobsters a tricky affair where breeding pairs must have sufficient space and young lobsters must be removed

Gill Injuries in Pond Fish

The gills of pond fish are what allow them to filter oxygen out of the water and respire. Injuries to the gills of pond fish have a variety of causes including toxic compounds in the water, parasites, bacterial infections and fungal infections. Overstocking ponds and poor filtration makes pond fish