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Why Don't You Have a Russian Dwarf Hamster Yet?

People usually tend to have so many reasons or alibis for not owning a pet. It can be that they are too busy or that their home is too small to have a pet. But, you see, if you care for a hamster at home, I'm pretty sure you're precious pet will not get in the way, especially the Russian d

The Cobalt Blue Tarantula

Choosing a tarantula for a pet can be a very enlightening experience. Tarantulas actually have different personalities and behaviors, much to the liking of owners and potential owners alike. Just like dogs, you will likely be able to identify a species of tarantula that fits into the social setting

Things to Consider Before Getting a Skunk for a Pet

There are a lot of people that like to have unique and exotic pets. A skunk is one of those unique and exotic animals that you can turn into a house-pet. You have to be prepared to care for this animal, and prepared for their particular behaviors in order to enjoy having these little creatures aroun

A Crabby Situation

Hermit crabs are very appealing, but what do you know about them? Anything? Well actually the majority of people do not know much about these shy companions, but they are quite a bit of fun to own. Just remember that they're not traditional pets; they are more similar to a python or tarantula.

Feeding Hermit Crabs

Feeding hermit crabs is no arduous task as hermit crabs are omnivores that have a wide range of food choices. They have a wide choice of foods that belong to both plant and animal origin.

Buying a Sugar Glider From a Pet Shop

Before instantly paying for a sugar glider, you should first research on the best places - or persons - to get one from. If buying from a pet shop is not the best way to go around it, you might think that purchasing through the Internet is a better option. Although most of the reliable breeders and

Essentials to Feeding Your Leopard Gecko

A healthy diet will determine whether or not you have a healthy leopard gecko. Knowing what to feed leopard geckos in order to provide a healthy life can be difficult. Geckos will typically feed on insects, spiders, moths, worms, and mosquitoes.

Lemur For Sale: Discipline Is Important

A lemur for sale is a good pet to have at home. Lemurs are really good companions to have at home because they are really energetic. If you are munching on something, he wants to have a piece of it as well.

Planning for Pet Rats

Are you planning for some pet rats? Well, pet rats are really cute and very adorable. They are quite friendly and active and are good to play with at home.

Step by Step Instructions to Keep Your Chinchilla Cage Clean

Chinchilla cages need to be kept clean if their owners want to ensure that not only are their pets happy but also healthy. If bacteria are allowed in the right environment to develop then this can lead to a number of different health problems for these beautiful creatures.

Introduction to Tarantulas

Based on what we have read, seen and experienced firsthand, it is common for us to stereotype persons who own tarantula spiders as weird, bizarre or having a "dark side".Yes, it is a fact that most pet lovers prefer the more subdued, predictable and personable animals to become part of the

Chinchilla Supplies - 3 Essentials Before Picking Up Your Pet Chinchillas

Chinchillas are exotic pets not difficult to handle when you have the proper training and the important chinchilla supplies before you pick up one. Chinchilla supplies would include, cage, toys, food, dust bath and of course other essential things which you deemed necessary to make them healthy and

Species of Hermit Crabs in Their Natural Environment

Have you ever wondered what the life of hermit crab in their natural environment is like? It is natural, while you are gazing into your crabs' home, to imagine that you are watching a wildlife documentary of "Species of hermit crabs in the wild". The more you learn about your pet&apos

Consider Sugar Gliders As Domestic Pets

How are sugar gliders as domestic pets? If you are asking this question, you then must be considering these adorable animals for your next pets. The answer is actually straightforward. These creatures are perfect as pets. They can be more than merely ordinary pocket pets and are perfect buddies for

Ferret Training Games

Ferrets like to play and sometimes they go really crazy in their own games that they can really make your house a war zone. Therefore the ferret play time is also a part from every ferret training program, which will allow you and your ferret to pass the time with a lot of fun and minimum mess.

What to Feed Your Rats

Your rats' health will greatly depend on it's diet and husbandry. Learn the basics to a good rat diet!

Ferret Care Explained

The time required for caring for a ferret should be considered before acquiring them. Ferrets have roots in the mustelid family and are considered as exotic animals.

Marine Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs are amazing creatures. Several factors make them amazing. Their simple act of carrying their own house always over their backs is a matter of true respect.

Important Ferret Diet Tips

Now that you have your ferret, you will want him stay fit and healthy. One of the many ways of achieving this is with the correct diet.