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Picking a Lovebird - Selecting Your Perfect Bird

There are so many Lovebirds you can select from. There are actually nine species you can consider selecting as a pet Lovebird. Eight of this species are natives of the African continent.

Diets of Grassland Hawks

The proliferation of grassland hawks depends on the availability of their prey. The diet of the birds differs among different species. The grasslands of North America lie in the center of the country and are home to many varieties of reptiles, birds, insects and mammals, some of which are eaten by g

Breeding Finches - An Art You Can Learn To Master

Breeding finches is an art that anyone can learn to master over time. Breeding finches will require the proper environment to be successful. You should know that breeding season begins in early spring. Some species prefer a cage-placed breeding box, while others enjoy the wider spaces of an indoor o

The Behavior of an Eclectus Parrot

Eclectus parrots are so named for the eclectic range of colorations the birds display, depending on their sex and species. These birds hail from the Cape York area of Australia, and have become popular pets due to their intelligent and outgoing behavior.

Promoting Responsible Bird Ownership

If you own a pet bird of any kind, then you are more than just his caregiver -- you're an ambassador for birds and their owners everywhere. Learn what you can do to teach others about responsible bird ownership, and help all of our feathered friends lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

How to Make a Nesting Box for a Female Cockatiel

A cockatiel pair that is getting ready to nest will look for a suitable place to lay and care for their eggs. If you have caged cockatiels, you will be responsible for making this provision. But there is no need to run out and purchase a fancy nesting box. Cockatiels are not picky and will nest in a

Chicken Comb Diseases

The comb cools down the chicken.cock image by ivan kmit from Fotolia.comThe comb is the red (sometimes purple), fleshy part on top of a chicken's head. Both male and female chickens have combs, but those of the male chickens are usually larger. Combs are important because they cool down...

Different Personality Traits in Female & Male Cockatiels

Male cockatiels have different personality traits from females.light blue cockatiel image by Ken Marshall from Fotolia.comEndemic to Australia, cockatiels are one of the most popular Avian pets in the world. As with other animals, male and female cockatiels behave differently and exhibit...

How to Make PVC Bird Toys

Parrots are highly intelligent creatures who require toys in their cages to help keep them stimulated. Much like children, they require toys that have different shapes, colors, and textures for them to explore and play with. Oftentimes bird owners find that it is less expensive to make bird toys the

The Habitat of the Frigate Bird

Frigate birds are a species of pelican. They have long wings that can stretch to 7 1/2 feet. Five species of frigate birds exist worldwide, including the magnificent frigate bird and the great frigate bird. These two species have similar habitat needs, but their ranges differ. In some regions they l

How to Keep Spiders Out of the Chicken Coop

Chicken coops are often a perfect home for spiders; the coops are dark, filled with tiny, untouched spaces and replete with other insects for the spiders to feast on. You can minimize the spider population in your chicken coop by employing a few simple repellent methods that avoid the use of insecti

How to Sharpen Forstner Bits

Forstner bits are cutting tools. They perform like drill bits but with far more accuracy and precision. They have knife-like edges that revolve around a center axis that stabilizes the perimeter. They are used in fine furniture, clock making or anywhere intricate work is needed. The bits' edges can

Can Parrots Live with Other Pets?

You want a pet parrot, but you already have a dog, cat, or other pet in your home. Would a new bird be able to get along with your existing pet? Find information that will help you make the best decision in this informative article!

Common Reasons Behind Cockatiel Screaming

If you are a cockatiel owner that is having to take out stock in ear plugs because your bird is screaming so much this can be extremely frustrating. Determining why your cockatiel is screaming is the first step in correcting the problem.

How to Make Bird Feeders for Chidren's Crafts

Helping children make their own bird feeders is a great way to get them excited about birds. They can hang their bird feeders, watch the different kinds of birds come to eat, and maybe even learn their different calls.

African Grey Parrot, Smartest Pet Bird

Grey parrots have made great pets for thousands of years. Their fascinating ability to reason and their above-average speech capabilities make them the "Cadillac of pet birds." These parrots are easily trained in weeks, with the right care and attention.