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Make A Quick and Easy Home Remedy For Pink Eye

Infectious pink eye can spread like a wildfire to those around you. Since so many people get this disease, it is no wonder that so many people want an effective home remedy for pink eye. There are a number of simple techniques to get rid of this condition.

How to Apply Eye Drops - A Predicament

Believe it or not, administering eye drops can really get very fussy and especially if one is doing so by oneself. It can get really irritating and confusing at times to execute the task properly in an apt manner. It's worthwhile to take a note of how the task is done in a apposite manner witho

Top 5 Reasons to Have Regular Eye Exams

Apart from the obvious, when your vision goes blurry and you can not see passed your hand in front of your face, which may then encourage the average person to get an eye test. Without alarming anyone, the need for an eye test can be more subtle, a small re-occurring headache, unable to see a motorw

Cosmetic Contact Lens

Not only can you get plain clear lenses to correct your sight but you can also get coloured contact lenses now that cover your natural iris hiding any challenges you have with one or both eyes. You can completely change your whole look.

What should we know about Laser eye surgery cost?

If we have poor eyesight and have to wear glasses in order to see clearly. After a certain time of wearing, it is possible that we are tired of wearing it. And we also worry the glasses will influence

A Mentor to the Ophthalmology Profession

After his receipt of the Dohlman Award, Medscape spoke with Dr Roger Steinert about his own career in ophthalmology and the significance of receiving this award for teaching excellence.

What Are Lasik and Lasek Surgery?

In our daily lives, we often receive LASIK or LASEK surgery if we are suffering from some very common eye problems, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, etc. But most of us can not tell whether there is any difference between the two. In fact, they are of totally different categorie

Avastin as Good as Lucentis for AMD Treatment

$50 worth of Avastin prevents blindness from age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and does it just as well as $2,000 worth of Lucentis, a federally funded clinical trial finds.

Caring For Your Contact Lenses is an Eye-deal Situation

In grade school as a child most of us have heard or have verbally teased another school mate who wore glasses by callingthem, "Four Eyes". This should not be so but it does happen. Luckily the poor innocent victim whose...

Which Are The Best Contact Lenses?

Today, Johnson & Johnson and its peers regularly address new needs and develop new types of contact lenses to help people with specific eye problems, as well as innovations in cosmetic contact lenses too. While it is true that no one kind of contact lens suits everyone, there are a few popular types

What Are and Where to Buy Halloween Color Contacts?

So you want "that something" for Halloween that can make your friends think if you really became a vampire (or whatever you want to look like)? Or maybe you want to scare the old lady living next you? Then you should consider getting yourself a pair of color contacts because changing your

Eye Exercises to Improve Vision - Palming

Poor vision is normally the result of bad habits, showing our neglect of the needs of our eyes. Eyes are very important and subtle organs that we should cherish all the time. In addition to turning to good living habits, palming is a good exercise that can relax our eyes fully.

How Eyeglass Lenses Are Made

MaterialsThere are a number of different materials used to make eyeglass lenses, including the actual round pieces of plastic that are ground into specific shapes to fit eyeglass frames; adhesive tape; liquid with a lead base alloy; metal and various dyes and tints. Each of these...

Protecting the Most Precious Part of Our Body

Eyes are the most precious part of our body and we have to protect it by every possible means. Everyone does it; they take every possible step to protect their eyes. Protection of eyes involves mainly two things, the glass spectacles and the contact lenses.