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Bacterial Vaginosis - A Problem of Balance

Bacterial Vaginosis is one of the most common and least understood diagnoses that women coming into Parkmed Physicians are presented with. Is it a sexually transmitted disease / infection? How did I get BV? What ...

What Causes Anxiety and What You Can Do About It

Most people simply dismiss anxiety as nothing more than an emotional disorder and let it go at that. They accept it as a part of life and resign to the fact that it will never ...

How can one stop anxiety attacks?

Stopping anxiety attacks is not a huge problem especially if the person is aware of the methods or treatments that can help him or her do so. Whenever there is a panic disorder, the person feels worri

Self-Help Books Instead of Pills

According to the US National Committee for Quality Health Assurance, more than 11 million Americans (about 1 in 20) have major depression. Interestingly, only about half of these are still taking medication six months after being diagnosed.If these wonder drugs are so great, why do so many people st

Everything is Food

Science tells us that the stomach has a brain and the heart has a brain. What this means is that these two vitally important organs will react to something when it enters our systems and send a message to other parts of the body independent of the "real" brain, the one on top, the one we t

ADHD and Stress in Children - Brain Scans

As parents of ADHD kids know all too well, children with ADHD often have difficulty handling stress, or stressful situations. Now, a team of researchers in Australia may have found a biological reason why this is so.

Bipolar and Getting Through to the Doctor

You've cajoled and persuaded, issued threats and ultimatums. You finally walk into the doctor's room with your partner and his or her severe bipolar disorder. Don't blow it now!

What Are Some Ways to Keep a Panic Attack Under Control?

Panic attacks are experienced by millions of people, and there are many other physical and mental side effects that go along with them. The question, 'How do I control a panic attack,' is a very familiar thing to ask these days and the answer begins first with a little bit knowledge.While

DSM IV Codes for Bipolar Disorders

Diagnosing bipolar disorders is the job of a trained physician or other type of clinician that is familiar with issues of mental health. Coding bipolar disorders according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Revised (DSM-IV), can be somewhat complicated. The

A Way To Find Right Port St Lucie Drug Rehab Center

What Happens in Rehab? You may have misconceptions, fears, or reservations about looking into a drug rehab in Port St. Lucie if you or a loved one has a drug or alcohol addiction problem. It ...

How to Teach Bipolar Children

Bipolar disorder, a neurologically-based mood disorder in a child not only affects his school life, but also is a way of life for the individual. It takes a collaborative team effort on the part of all the adults in the bipolar child's life to help him cope with the daily challenges of life. Here ar

Understanding And Treating OCD

Usually when someone has OCD, they have this anxious need to perform cyclic rituals and if they do not, then these obsessive thoughts consume them until they have completed the task. This can take up a lot of time and mental thought consumption for the person and that is why it is important to know

Get Relief and Defeat Panic Attacks

About 19.1 million adults with ages 18 to 54, in the United States are with anxiety disorders. Anxiety affects how a person socialize and severe cases could interfere with how a person function and can be debilitating. It is often triggered by stress. It is important to defeat panic attacks to avoid