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The Way of the World

Imagine a world where everyone is responsible for themselves, free of taxes and government.Fantasy or Fiction?What if everything you know is wrong?

Eleven Days That Doomed Clinton's Campaign

Now that Barack Obama has become the presumptive presidential nominee of the Democratic Party, let's take a look back at how Hillary Clinton lost. Last year at this time, it seemed inevitable that she was going to win the nomination. What went wrong?

Types of Scottish Hats

A Scottish piper wears a Glengarry bonnet.A Scottish Piper image by Ray Carpenter from Fotolia.comTraditional Scottish hats are typically made of wool, and may be adorned with clan tartans, feathers and checked bands. Being aware of the three main types of Scottish hats can help you...

Kingston Jamaica Have They Lost It

Kingston is really crazy right now. The reason for this is because of onedrug dealer.Christopher “Dudus”Coke who is said to be a local celebrity.

Second Amendment Rights

After recent events like the shooting at Sandy Hook we have seen government attempting to restrict gun rights once again. The facts are the last gun control measures put in place during the Clinton administration saw no change in gun related crime.

Hawks Fight Doves As America Transitions to a Global World

The United States elected the industrialized world's first non-white leader in its 2008 election to lead it forward in a global world. Elements opposing the rule of law and global development have a stake in the traditionally lucrative field of promoting fear and defensiveness, whether through

How to Report HUD Fraud

Fraud is the intentional perversion of the truth, or deception, which causes another person to suffer some sort of loss. Fraud is a serious crime and the best way to stop it is through prevention. HUD, also known as the Department of Housing and Urban Development, is a department of the government t

National Security; College Campuses

Have witnessed a new era of security in the US.It is by far more prevalent than ever before.All dutied personnel and former officers of law enforcement are on alert.This is good.However we should not blow our wad too fast here.Remember International Terrorist acts are a waiting game.They learn the d

Diversity Through Elections

Let's take some time to discuss' a recent Senate race and to contrast the two party candidates from two individual states. For this, I have selected the following: States selected: The State of Delaware and its neighbor the State of Maryland. Election year involved: Both campaigns take pla

Benford's Law - How Low Numbers Can Indicate Election Fraud

The principal is now known today as Benford's Law and it recently made headline news due to the Iranian election, as the principal is thought to be beneficial to figuring out if voting fraud occurred. At first glance, Benford's Law can seem a little overwhelming, but it can be broken down

World Peace - Must it Always Be an Impossible Dream?

If a hundred historians were asked to cite the most distinctive feature of the twentieth century they'd probably offer a hundred different answers. Some would say splitting the atom, others getting men to the moon, the discovery of antibiotics or the invention of the computer. Niaill Ferguson,

Are the Tea Party Groups Racist?

A while back at one of the Tea Party rallies, a group in the crowd started yelling racial epithets at an African American senator. This was the only time racist remarks have come from the any of these rallies.

Not Dying For Nigeria

Life is all about opportunities and what we make of them. While we were all busy making New Year resolutions, a man was busy planning a difficult year for himself and his nation. The man is President Goodluck Jonathan.

Hi Ho - Obama We Will Go!

We will go with you Mr. President and we have much to do together!I think this man has connected well so far with the masses and while trust is earned by actions and deeds, he appears to be of great integrity, spirit and genuine interest in taking on our current and greatest levels of challenge sinc

My Little Girl From Glassport, Pennsylvania

As a candidate for the Pennsylvania legislature many years ago, one campaign appearance stands out above all the rest. I knocked on thousands of doors back then, talking to voters and asking for their support. One afternoon I was trudging along house-to-house in the Fifth Ward of Glassport Borough.

Native Hawaiian Plants & Animals

Lush and fertile volcanic soil is ideal for native plants and animals that thrive and support Hawaii's delicate ecosystem. A rich sea environment surrounds the islands making them a breeding ground for many native species. The Polynesian settlers that discovered the Hawaiian islands 1,500 years ago

Regulations for a Funeral Cortege Flashing Light

Use good judgment when participating in or approaching a funeral motorcade.cemetary 3 image by sonya etchison from Fotolia.comTraffic requirements of funeral processions are covered under individual state laws. The traditional protocol stipulates that all drivers in the procession...

What is a Random Orbit?

A random orbit is a short name for a type of electrical power tool called a "random orbital sander." A random orbit is a hand-held sander that is ideal for several projects around the home.