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How to Obtain Your Service Records

Military service records can be used to prove veteran status for a job or to apply for benefits, and are an invaluable tool in genealogical research. The records can be requested by the veteran himself or his next of kin, if he is deceased. You can request the records online or by mail.

Fitness Requirements to Join the Army

Aside from medical and legal requisites, those wishing to join the army will also need to pass a series of physical tests. Aspiring soldiers will need to comply with certain fitness requirements before they are accepted into basic training.

Cavaliers in the English Civil War

In 1642, antagonism between England's king, Charles I, and Parliament broke down into civil war. Each side gave the other a derogatory nickname. The royalists called the parliamentarians "Roundheads," while the parliamentarians called the royalists "Cavaliers." The royalists embraced this term as a

The Uses of Styrofoam

Children love playing with the foam found in packaging boxes. They rub two pieces against each other until they break in small bubbles. This is their snow during summer. Growing older, we start to learn what that foam is and what it is used for. It is called Styrofoam or extruded polystyrene (EPS) a

Holographic Technologies and Military Applications

Holographic Technologies for Military Applications make a lot of sense really, especially if you consider the potential for data visualization and table top holographic displays of the Net-Centric Battlespace in 4D.

Major Events in World History That Happened on July 10, 1995

1995 was a momentous year with the end of the conflict in the former Yugoslavia, the advent of DVD as a format and the busiest hurricane season in 62 years. While the year as a whole was packed with event and incident, each day is also worthy of examination in its own right.

World War II Teachings

World War II era was a period of great turmoil, whose effects can be felt till today through the changes they determined. That's why reading books about that era is both an interesting and an educative experience. World War II is a world-changing event that will remain in humankind's memor

What Materials Made Medieval Armor?

Armor worn by knights was made in many different styles using different materials for the primary metal. Secondary metals or materials were used for decoration, or for overlapping sections on the outside or inside of the suit. Materials used for making armor were chosen for their malleability and st

Information Regarding How to Crack ASVAB Exam

The ASVAB Exam has been striking fear into the hearts of test takers everywhere for years and years. As if all that isn't enough pressure to overcome, the ASVAB Exam is allegedly impossible to study for.

How to Use Silver Vs. Bronze Oak Leaf Clusters

An oak leaf cluster is a military device worn on a ribbon decoration to denote multiple receptions of the same award. The use of the oak leaf cluster allows an individual to show that he has received multiple awards of the same type without having to wear multiple ribbons of the same type. These d

Air Force Research Grants

Air Force research grants are federally funded programs.air force thunderbirds image by Jorge Moro from Fotolia.comAir Force Research Grants are primarily awarded by the Air Force Office For Scientific Research (AFOSR), and can be used to advance defense programs at industries and...

Who Is Oskar Schindler?

Saving the lives of more than 1,200 Jews made Oskar Schindler a hero. His legacy lives on in their 7,000 descendants and the award-winning film Schindler's list, which tells the story of this man.

Explanation of Military Ranks

The military is an organization that relies on a structured order and chain of command to operate efficiently. Something that helps to create that order is rank. Rank, or rate as it is referred to in the Navy and Coast Guard, defines not only someone's specific job and experience but also their pay

What Is Required for a Military Funeral?

People who serve in the United States Armed Forces make great sacrifices to keep the country safe. It is only fitting that these veterans be respected and honored for their service, especially upon their death. Fortunately, Congress has provided, by law, a procedure for a military funeral that is av

U.S. Air Force Personnel Claim UFO's Disabled Nuclear Missiles

It is my understanding that Robert Hastings, author of UFO's and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites, claims that if there is ever a nuclear attack - North Korea, Iran, Pakistan - wherever - that nuclear payback would not happen. These former "nuke guardians" for

How to Report US Veterans Disability Benefits Fraud

Anyone can commit U.S. Veterans Disability benefits fraud--a patient, VA employee, contractor, claimant or beneficiary. Any person who observes wrongdoing has the responsibility to report a benefits fraud situation to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, Office of Inspector General (VAOIG) Hotlin

Traditions of the U.S. Marine Corps

The United States Marine Corps is an institution founded on and driven by tradition. Immortalized in film by the likes of John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and Jack Nicholson, with his famous "You can't handle the truth" line, and regaled by authors like W.E.B. Griffin, Marines are larger than life. From t