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Ohio Penalty for Misdemeanor of the First Degree

Misdemeanors are broken down into five separate classes under Ohio law, including minor, fourth, third, second, and first degree. First degree misdemeanors encompass the most serious misdemeanor crimes and carry the stiffest penalties.

How to Complain About the Police Department

When launching a complaint about a particular police department, you have several avenues you may take or choose from. It is the responsibility of the citizens of a city or town to monitor their police department and regulate how it operates and functions.

List of Prisons in Florida

There are 139 prisons in the state of Florida.prison 2 image by Nathalie P from Fotolia.comThere are 139 prison facilities in the sunshine state, according to the Florida Department of Corrections. In addition to housing inmates at major prison institutions, the Florida Department of...

How to Measure Effectiveness of Probation

Probation is an opportunity our justice system gives to some non-violent offenders to demonstrate that they can be rehabilitated and re-enter society as productive citizens. This process is supervised by a probation officer and is under the authority of the court system. The effectiveness of probati

How to Settle an Estate in Kentucky

Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy. The hassle of settling an estate is equally as burdensome. Attorneys handle the process for many, but usually at a cost of up to 5 percent of the estate's worth. However, settling an estate in Kentucky does not require an attorney. With the proper

How to Use Police Discretion

Police discretion is a sticky branch of the criminal justice tree--the shades of gray of law enforcement. Often while on duty, police officers encounter situations that require their personal opinion of whether to pursue the event.

What Is Meant By Bail Bond?

When a person is accused of a serious crime they are held in jail until the trial has concluded. However, in some cases the court may exercise the option to release the accused when they sign an agreement called a bail bond.

Why Was Probation Developed?

Probation, a type of community supervision, can served by an offender instead of doing time in prison. John Augustus, known as the father of probation, brought about the release of over 1100 men, women and children by 1852 through this alternative method.

Information on Electric Chairs

The electric chair is a method of execution. It has become a symbol for execution and the stuff of horror fiction. (Stephen King uses it to "good" effect in "The Green Mile.")

How to Clear a Dismissed Assault Case on My Record

An arrest record can cause you hardship. It may make it difficult to obtain employment, receive an education or volunteer for certain agencies. Public records will show a dismissed case, and this dismissed case will be visible to employers. You may clear this record from your visible criminal record

Parole & Probation Laws

Probation or parole absconders will eventually be sentenced to prison.D??fense d"afficher image by absfred from Fotolia.comCommunity supervision, in the form of probation or parole, may be offered to offenders who have been found guilty of a crime. Probation grants the defendant the...

Federal Prison Camps for Women

Women are separated from men in prison camps.jail image by MLProject from Fotolia.comFederal Prison Camps are a branch of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. As minimum-security institutions, they have more comforts than maximum-security prisons. Many of these facilities are located on or...

Police Policy on Access to Police Records

Police reports and records can be public information, if they meet the right criteria. Copies of police reports can be requested by the public. In certain instances, such as sexual assaults, or other crimes where the victim is entitled to anonymity, a report will be kept confidential and not entered

Illinois Probation Terms

Probation is an alternative to jail time.jail image by MLProject from Fotolia.comFrom state-to-state, criminals face a multitude of consequences as a result of breaking the law. One way for those who have committed crimes to pay their debts to society is by serving jail time. When the...

What Is the Process of Becoming a Police Officer?

The Job's ChangedThousands of people apply for hundreds of positions as police officers across the United States each year. The process that each potential law enforcement officer follows is a bit different depending on the size and political structure of the municipality in which they...

Bail Bonds Requirements

The bail bonding system ensures a person out on bail returns for his court date.justice image by Yangchen Lin from Fotolia.comThe legal system usually doesn’t require people who have been arrested but are awaiting trial to remain in police custody until trial. After a person is...

Definition of Informal Probation

Unlike in formal probation sentences, under informal probation, the defendant must check in only once a month with a judge instead of being assigned and checking in with a probation officer. Although informal probation is not as strict as formal probation, defendants still must follow rules set fort

How Do I File a Petition to Get Off Parole in Texas?

The steps for filing a petition to get off parole early vary in each state. Ask your parole officer for a written manual that outlines the policies and procedures for early release. If you meet the requirements, provide a formal request stating you have properly met the criteria. The following infor

How to Represent Yourself in Probate Court

A probate court is a limited jurisdiction court that only handles matters pertaining to the administration of probate matters, such as the administration of estates and probating of wills. While some states maintain separate probate courts that only handle probate matters, most states have their dis

Do IRAs Need to Be Probated?

One advantage of IRA accounts is that you can leave your heirs money and at the same time avoid probate court by assigning a beneficiary. You don’t need to name the account in a will or trust, but you will need to contact the IRA account custodian – usually a bank or brokerage company &#