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The Plant Patent Act

The Plant Patent Act was enacted in 1930 to allow plant breeders to patent new types of asexual plants. Since the Plant Patent Act, patents have been issued for asexual plants, and new laws protecting marketing rights for new types of sexually reproductive plants have also been enacted.

How to file a PROVISIONAL Patent Application ~ PPA

An easy, fast and inexpensive way to protect an idea for a new invention is to file a Provisional Patent Application - PPA. Once filed, the U.S. Patent Office immediately records the official filing date and the invention can be labeled "Patent Pending".Once the Provisional P

Tips For Choosing The Best Trucking Accident Lawyer

Just as in any profession there are people who are extraordinarily qualified and those who are not. Selecting the best attorney if you have been involved in a truck related accident is critical. This

Beyond Legality: Why Piracy Is an Ethical Issue

In a democratic population, the majority wins. But if 70% of online users think that there's 'nothing wrong' with piracy, does that mean piracy is right? When people start treating online pir

The Cons of Illegally Downloading Music

The digitization of music has made music copyright infringement much easier.mp3 music download image by patrimonio designs from Fotolia.comSince music became available in digital formats, it has become much easier to obtain music illegally. Copyright law is necessary to protect...

Tips To Help You With Easy Company Setup In UAE

Nowadays, more people are setting up their businesses offshore and undoubtedly, there are many offshore destinations where you can start up a new business, for example, UAE. Yes, Company Setup in UAE is a well ...

Choose the Right Real Estate Lawyer in Florida

Purchasing property is a huge financial transaction in most people's lives. People save money throughout their life so that they can invest in real estates. In such a scenario, it is imperative to settle any ...

The Trademark Law Treaty

The Trademark Law Treaty was adopted on October 27, 1994 at a Diplomatic Conference in Geneva. The principle of the Trademark Law Treaty is to simplify as well as harmonize the administrative procedures in respect of national applications and the protection of marks. Individual countries may become

What Is the Meaning of Therapy Under Patent Cases?

While patents protect intellectual property like concepts for inventions and mechanical products, patents may also protect researchers' formulas. Often, pharmaceutical companies invest large sums of money in drug research, which yields various medicinal therapies for patients suffering from various

A Definition of a Trade Secret

A trade secret law (TSL) is another form (in contrast to patent protection) which may be used to protect proprietary information. Trade secret protection (TSP) is provided by the TSL and is usually governed by state law.

How to Draft Patent Legal Opinions

Providing advice on the patentability of an invention requires clarity on the invention's originality and decisiveness on the law's allowance for a protection. A registered patent agent presents the legal arguments for a valuable invention and against an original work, and states an opinion on the i

Types of Patent Searches

The type of patent search conducted depends on the situation.magnifying glass image by timur1970 from Fotolia.comThere are several types of patent searches. Selecting which type of patent search to conduct depends on the business goal of the search and how you'll use the search results. ...

Bankruptcy - Having the Right Counsel by Your Side

Bankruptcy can be defined as a legal way for an individual to state that they can no longer afford to pay their creditors the amounts that are owed. Anytime an individual has to go to ...

How to Search European Patents

Searches of past patent documents are often essential in the process of applying for a new patent. It's important to ensure that the new invention doesn't have excessive similarities with one already patented.The easiest way to conduct a search of European patents is through an organization called t

Inventor Mistakes to Avoid

Inventors have many options open to them and limited resources of time, money and effort to devote to these options. Be very cautious and research your options before you choose.