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Information on a D4 Cat

The Caterpillar D4 is a crawler-type tractor manufactured by Caterpillar Corp. at the Peoria, Illinois, plant from 1938 to 1957, according to the website Even after some of them had been in use for 50 years, they were still chugging away on farms and in earth-moving construction pro

Bamboo Cars

Now, in addition to supplying a prospective option for powering our vehicles, bamboo is being put forward as a feasible material in the actual construction of more environmentally friendly vehicles. At least one builder of electric cars is exploring the possibility of utilizing woven bamboo fiber an

How Do Brake Retarders Work?

A brake retarder uses pressure created within the engine to lessen the speed of a vehicle. While most commonly used in commercial semi-tractor trailer rigs, it can also be used in railroad applications. The brake retarder systems are sometimes referred to collectively as "Jake Brakes" in reference t

Electric Kit For Cars - The Secret of Using Electricity to Power a Vehicle

Many people have never thought of driving an electric car. In actual fact, you can see many electric vehicles in the golf courses. Golfers have been driving around in an electric golf cart when they tee off. The basic design of an electric vehicle is quite simple. A car with an internal combustion e

Natural Gas Energy Conversions

There are several sources of natural gas, all of which can be converted to energy. The most abundant of the natural gases used for energy is methane. The sources of natural gas include town gas, bio gas and crystallized natural gas. While it is a cleaner source of energy than other fossil fuels, it

Why Buy A Hybrid Car

There are hundreds of thousands of people considering the purchase of a new hybrid car. There are definitely some serious advantages to owning one of these cars.

How Does Flex Fuel Work?

What is Flex Fuel?Vehicles that use flex fuel can run on regular gasoline or a combination of regular gasoline and ethanol. Flex fuel vehicles can run on a combination of up to 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. The National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition estimates that there are...

Marine Battery Vs. Car Battery

To understand the difference between marine and car batteries, it is helpful to know how rechargeable lead acid batteries are constructed. Lead acid batteries have an array of two different forms of lead plates, immersed in diluted sulfuric acid. The chemical reaction of the electrolyte with the lea

Perkins 6354 Turbo Specs

Jupiterimages/ ImagesThe 6354 was a heavy-duty diesel engine produced by Perkins. It used a straight-six design, meaning the cylinders were arranged in a straight line, rather than in a "V" form. The engine had a displacement of 5.7 liters. Although the engine was first...

Best Hybrid Cars and Gas Mileage Tips

Hybrid car and gas mileage informs you about hybrid cars, hybrid car facts, and tips for getting better gas mileage. They are the most environment friendly and fuel efficient cars.

The Motorized Bicycles: How to Get One

Bicycles are the best and the healthiest transportation option, especially bicycles with electric motor options makes it a must have. An overview on how overcome the problem of not finding a bicycle with motor for sale.

What Are the Statistics of a Hybrid Car?

Hybrid-electric vehicles, commonly referred to as hybrid cars or hybrids, contain both an electric motor and an internal combustion or gasoline-powered engine. Hybrid cars emit fewer pollutants and have better gas mileage than most traditional gasoline-powered cars.

Eco Cars - Reduced Performance?

Not too long ago, the eco car seemed like an element of the future. It was highly improbable to see one on the market anytime soon. Nowadays however, green cars have actually overwhelmed the petroleum car industry. Ever since hybrid and electric vehicles have become more popular than their conventio

Advantages of Owning a Green Car

One of the most controversial topics in today's automotive industry is the green car. Although the green car industry is still in its fledgling stages, there are many advantages to investing in a green vehicle, from the economic to the environmental. Here are a few of the highlights in the gree

How to Collect Waste Cooking Oil

Pan and deep fat frying foods often leaves behind several tablespoons or even cups of cooking oil. This waste oil can be collected and saved for future use by filtering and storing the oil as soon as it cools. Straining waste oil removes the small bits of burnt foods and seasoning that alter the fla

Comparison of Winches

A winch is a device used for hauling or lifting powered by hand or a motor, and consists of a chain or rope connected to the object needing to be moved. The three types of winches are electrical, mechanical and a hybrid of the two.

Types of Crash Test Dummies

Anthropomorphic test devices (ATD)--otherwise known as crash test dummies--are used by automotive companies, insurance companies, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to test the safety level of different types of vehicles. Crash test dummies are used to test for safety...

What Is a 12V Battery?

A 12-volt (12V) battery is a portable device capable of storing up to 12 volts of electricity. Most 12V batteries, such as those used in cars, are capable of being recharged. To understand what a 12V battery is, you must understand the basics of voltage.