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Evergreen Trees in Arizona

Pine trees are evergreens.Jupiterimages/ ImagesThe most notable of the evergreens is the pine tree, although the term does not exclusively apply to the pine tree. Trees that hold onto their foliage throughout the year, without dropping all their leaves at once, are...

How to Care for White Mericlone Orchids

Nurseries propagate mericlone orchids by cloning, according to Tropical Gardens of Maui, a website dedicated to selling and educating the public about orchid care. Mericlone varieties exhibit some of the cultivar's best qualities. Susan Taylor, orchid editor for Bella Online, praises these clones be

Ficus White Moth Disease

The tiny white moths that attack ficus trees and hedges are commonly referred to as whiteflies. These pests are capable of completely defoliating ficus plants if left unchecked. Typically, an attacked ficus will experience a resurgence of growth later on, but the only way to keep it completely free

Exotic Tropical Plants in Massachusetts

Phalaenopsis can be grown indoors in Massachusetts.Ryan McVay/Lifesize/Getty ImagesMost of Massachusetts falls in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 5 and 6, with a little bit of Zone 7 in its coastal, southeastern tip. These are not ideal areas for growing exotic tropical plants outdoors, year...

How to Plant Flowers in Spring in Michigan

As the second highest producer of bedding plants in the United States, Michigan is an ideal state to plant flowers, as many varieties are readily available. Most of Michigan falls in USDA hardiness zones 4 and 5. Winters are generally cold and summers mild. The best time to plant flowers in Michigan

Bushes That Deer Won't Eat

No plants are truly "deer proof." When times are hard, deer eat almost anything to avoid starvation, and even bushes they would normally avoid may become a source of much-needed nutrition. Still, certain plants are unlikely to be damaged by deer, and you can keep the odds in your favor by sticking w

How Does Straw Grow?

Preparation of Fields and Plant SeedsA farmer prepares a field for planting by doing a number of things before seeds are actually put into the ground. He runs soil tests before planting seeds to find out if the soil needs any nutrients added to it before planting. If nitrogen, potassium...

A Plan for Dwarf Fruit Tree Cross-Pollination

Fruit trees of all varieties bring bright growth and sweet-scented blooms to home gardens. Blooming means little, though, without flower fertilization and fruit production. Increase your chances of pollination and fruit harvests with correct planting and care. Plant multiple dwarf fruit trees close

How to Transplant Root Stimulator Fruit Trees

Fruit trees bring a bright, fragrant note to any home garden, and can produce fruit year after year with the right care. Fruit trees grow to numerous sizes, with some reaching up to 50 feet in height and 30 feet in width. If the tree is going to get too big for its current location (or has already r

How to Kill Bumblebee Nests in the Ground

There are many different varieties of bees found in the United States, ranging from the social and aggressive yellow jacket to the solitary and docile carpenter bee, to the lucrative honeybee and the hairy, quintessential bumblebee. Of these types of bees, there are several sub-species that can be d

Recommended Trees for a City

Trees add visual beauty to any city.D-BASE/Digital Vision/Getty ImagesTrees provide a pleasing visual display to any city. They help increase economic stability, fight urban air pollution, reduce the noise level, lower water usage, offer shade to buildings to help lower the greenhouse...

How to Grow Orange Trees in Barbados

While grapefruit is native to Barbados, oranges are not. Its tropical climate, favored by northeast trade winds, creates a hospitable temperature for growing oranges year-round, but your chances of growing this type of fruit successfully will increase if you amend the soil properly before planting.

How to Reproduce a Juniper Plant

The perennial evergreen juniper grows as a shrub, tree or ground cover and is commonly used in landscaping. Juniper also gives us gin, the alcohol produced from a female juniper's bluish berries. For a juniper to make seeds, both male and female plants are needed along with the cooperation of pollin

Elderberry & Slugs

Elderberries are seldom bothered by pests, but when conditions are right, slugs may become a problem. Slugs feed on leaves and berries during prolonged periods of wet weather.

How to Produce Stevia Rebaudiana

Stevia rebaudiana is an easy-to-grow herb that can be propagated from seed or cuttings. It produces glycosides which give the plant an inherent sweetness. Stevia is used as a sugar substitute and has promise as a sweetener for diabetic diets. The plant is a perennial that has unassuming light green

How to Grow Hostas Under Magnolias

Magnolia trees come in several varieties, with leaves varying in size from a typical leaf of 3 to 5 inches to large leaves more than 12 inches long and wide. The result of such large leaves is thick shade under the tree. If you want to landscape under a magnolia, pick a shade-loving perennial like h

White Birch Trees in Colorado

White birch trees thrive in the Colorado climate.Design Pics/Valueline/Getty ImagesWhite birch (betula papyrifera) is also known as paper birch and canoe birch, for its characteristic white papery bark. The domestic white birch tree grows 40 to 50 feet in height on a 12- to 24-inch trunk...

How to Take Care of an Indoor Basil Plant With Water & Sun

Cooking with fresh herbs, as opposed to dried, bottled ones, can make a world of difference in the finished product. For most recipes, you will need to use more of the fresh herb, which makes growing it in the kitchen convenient. Basil, an annual herb, is commonly used in many recipes, especially in

Something to Keep Rabbits From Eating Tulips

Tulips are a common early spring flower that add color to the landscape and signal the changing of seasons. Unfortunately, tulips are also a favorite food for rabbits. Although tulips survive a few nibbles, they die if too much of the stalk and leaves are eaten. The most effective methods for deterr

How to Stop Tree Fruit

Stopping your trees from producing fruit is very easy, and is very helpful to the tree's health. It takes the tree a lot of energy to produce fruit, which means a lot of the energy needed for the tree to grow is missing. This is especially helpful with a young, fruit-bearing tree. Removing the flowe