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How to Feed Birds Using Peanut Butter

Avian specialists have found that using peanut butter as a means of affixing bird seed to certain feeding tools is a much healthier substitute for some of the chemicals used today. You too can create your own bird feeder and feed your feathery backyard friends using peanut butter. Read on to learn h

Video: How Many Fire Extinguishers Do I Need for My Home?

Video Transcript Have you ever wondered how many fire extinguishers are needed in the home? Hi, I'm Chief Joe Bruni. The number of fire extinguishers inside of the dwelling or inside the home will be dictated by many factors. The first is the size of the dwelling or the size of the...

Ensuring Safety Using Wellco Boots

Military personnel always experience dangers even while they are walking and so it is essential to use footwear like the Wellco boots to ensure the safety of the personnel and to avoid the dangers of amputation. Dangers can be reduced and greatly minimized using these fantastic boots.

How to Get New Clothes in The Sims 3

One of the many changes in The Sims 3, your Sims no longer need to visit a store to get new clothes! The game assumes that your Sim has a full wardrobe already, and allows you to plan new outfits and change clothes quite easily. Here's how.

Actions to Take If You Are Burglarized

The first action you should take is to call the police, but do not enter your house. Stay outside just in case the burglar is still inside. You do not want to put your family or yourself into further danger by crossing the path of the burglar.

The Pros of Installing a Home Security System

Home burglaries are constantly on the rise each year, which is why they have become a cause of great concern for homeowners as well as renters. People need to think about ways to protect their ...

How to Turn Off Smoke Alarms After a Power Failure

Smoke alarms are designed to sound off when smoke is detected. A smoke alarm that doesn't reset itself after a power failure and instead sounds an alarm must be turned off. There are a number of procedures for turning off the smoke alarm so it is returned to its normal operational state -- none of w

About Slow Speed Grinders

Grinders are tools that sharpen up dull edges. Grinders also can repair dull edges and things with edges that are chipping away. There are many types of grinders, such as single-wheel wet grinders, electric bench grinders, hand-powered grinders and even grinders that you can adjust by the rate of sp

How to Catch Flies With Beer

Fruit flies become a nuisance during the harvest season, swarming around overripe or rotten fruits and vegetables in homes, gardens and businesses. Though fruit flies don't bite or sting, their swarming behavior is annoying and creates an unfavorable impression of your home or business. The flies ma

How to Calculate Energy Cost for Lightbulb

Energy is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). Your energy cost per bulb depends on the rate your energy company charges, the number of kilowatt hours you use and the wattage of your bulb. Making this calculation is simple. You can find energy calculators online that estimate the cost of your energy, b

Disadvantages of a Query Cache

MySQL has a useful feature named "query cache" which improves MySQL performance significantly when enabled. The query cache contains the text of a SELECT statement along with the according result which was sent to the client. When the identical statements are received in the future, the server searc

Guide to Buying Kitchen Knives

Hands down, knives are the most important of all the kitchen utensils. If you don't have the right size pot or a kitchen scale, you can usually wing it without wrecking your dinner, but if you don't have a good knife at the ready, you might as well go out to eat.

How to Deal With Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are tiny insects that are native to most parts of the United States. They fly around looking for food and fruit to eat. They can fly in your home and eat the ripe fruit or food on your counters and on your dinner table. Once they begin to live in your home, they can establish a colony th

How to Choose an HVAC System

Whether you're a first-time homeowner or an experienced do-it-yourselfer, choosing a new heating-ventilation-air conditioning (HVAC) system is one of the most complicated tasks you can attempt. Your home's HVAC system is not just a furnace or air conditioner---it is a group of technologies that esta

Recycled Ceiling Ideas

Rusty corrugated metal can give your ceiling true country flavor.Rusty Corrugated Sheet Metal image by Jim Mills from Fotolia.comCovering your ceiling in recycled materials is not only good for the environment but can help you create a one-of-a-kind space. Typical, flat white painted...

Where to Put Home Security Lighting

When many people think about home security lighting they automatically concentrate on their interior lights. The truth is that your exterior lighting also plays a large role in keeping your home safe and secure.

My Fire Alarm Is Beeping Every Ten Seconds

Fire alarms, also called smoke or fire detectors, are intended to warn building occupants of fire. Ionization alarms detect flames, whereas photoelectric alarms detect smoke. Many alarms are known as dual sensor alarms because they detect both smoke and flames. The U.S. Fire Administration recommend