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Aspen Irrigation and Landscape Services

Irrigation efficiency is equally dependent upon a good design, correct installation, good water management and proper maintenance. Correct Design of an irrigation system in The Rocky Mountains takes insight into the many factors that are ...

Fence Ideas - 3 Reasons You May Need One

If you value your privacy then you may want to consider a privacy fence or if you are just having problems with other peoples pets using your yard for a bathroom. Fences are a wonderful thing to have to control what goes on in your yard. Fences are becoming more popular as the need for privacy is be

How to Use Lye in an Outhouse

Traditionally, lye has been used as a regular part of an outhouse maintenance routine, and is just as effective to use in outhouses today. Lye will help keep outhouse odors down, discourage insects and help the outhouse compost. Some areas will sell lye in supermarkets. You can also find it through

Fake Flowers - Ever Green and Always Growing

Not so long ago, buyers used fakes only where real flowers were not practical. Now, it appears, buyers substitute fakes for real ones even when real flowers are easy and inexpensive to use.

How to Build an Inexpensive Picket Fence

Picket fences do not require intricate work or expensive tools or supplies to build, making them a budget-friendly and attractive fencing option. Choose the height of the fence you wish to install according to your needs and any local zoning or community restrictions. Because a picket fence is not s

Drip Irrigation Systems Make Watering Plants a Cinch

Installing a drip irrigation system will help protect the investment (financially and emotionally) you have in your plants by taking the time and guesswork out of watering by hand. Drip irrigation is the process of delivering precise amounts of water and nutrients directly to the plant's root z

How to Replace the Drive Belt on a Riding Mower

Replacing the drive belt on a riding mower requires basic hand tools. Before removing the old belt, pay careful attention to the configuration of the belt, including the way it loops and turns around the system of pulleys that drive the cutting blades. Some riding mowers are equipped with multiple b

How to Fill an In-Ground Pool With Water

Whether you have drained and cleaned your pool or it is brand new, your first task come pool season is to fill it. Larger pools can hold upwards of 26,000 gallons of water. Any way you choose to fill your pool will cost you money, but some options cost more than others. You can call your local fire

Rainwater Harvesting - Low Cost Landscape Irrigation

Irrigation has been used for centuries to help the plants grow: first in agricultural production and later in other areas such as gardens, municipal parks and golf courses. Landscape irrigation refers to an irrigation system is designed to support the trees, plants, shrubs and grass in these areas.

The Effect of Tires on a Carpet

All kinds of products in homes have wheels, such as wheelchairs, walkers, tricycles, toy cars and trucks. Depending on the weight of the object, the carpeting may become matted with repeated use or could be soiled.

How Do I Install the Drive Belt Cub on a Cadet 1500 Series?

Even with devoted annual maintenance, the moving components of your Cub Cadet Garden Tractor will, in due course, begin to exhibit the usual symptoms of wear and tear. The drive belt on any riding mower is especially susceptible to deterioration and stretching coupled with fraying ultimately leads t

When to Use 10-10-10 Fertilizer in Garden?

The three numbers that indicate fertilizer types stand for the percentages of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium in a fertilizer. A 10-10-10 fertilizer has a balanced ratio of these three essential nutrients.

Chainsaws: 7 Ways to Save Time and Energy

Chainsaws are a powerful tool that most homeowners should consider purchasing. There are a variety of uses for a chainsaw and there are different types of chainsaws to suit an individual's strength, budget and skills. They save time and energy by making the work quicker than any other method. A

Landscaping Leeds for Commercial Properties

Taking care of a commercial property is much more important than taking care of a garden in the back of your own home. This is why you need to use the help of experts in ...

The Beauty of Bluestone

Bluestone is one of the most elegant paving applications on the market today. Its popularity is on the rise in both residential and commercial settings due to its wonderfully unique color options. Bluestone colors range from medium/dark steel blues to light grays, buffs, browns and some rusts.

Crafting A Yard With Hardscaping

Hardscaping amplifies the landscaping that exists or is designed for a specific home. The hardscaping aspects include all of the "hard" surfaces that build up the ground and comfortable features such as the fireplaces, fire pits, gazebos, and different types of water features. The function

Can You Weed & Feed Zoysia Grass?

Zoysia is a warm-season grass that was introduced to the United States from Southeast Asia. The grass is hearty and drought tolerant, which makes it an ideal turf grass for Southern lawns. Zoysia will also stand up to applications of weed-and-feed products.

Water Features To Consider For Your Swimming Pool

Installing an in ground swimming pool in your backyard is a luxury beyond compare. There are many items to take into consideration when considering a swimming pool construction project - from the size and style to the colors and location. Add to the mix, water features and accessories that you can a