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Products for Cleaning & Polishing Stainless Steel

Cleaning and polishing your stainless steel will help it look like new.Stainless Steel Sink image by Hedgehog from Fotolia.comStainless steel is common in kitchens because it is relatively cheap and easy to clean. Stainless steel is, however, a relatively soft metal that can get scratched...

Nontoxic Mold Removal

Mold is a type of fungus that decays organic matter in nature. If it floats into your home, it can begin to grow in areas with excess moisture and not enough ventilation. When this happens, the mold can actually decay your home. Some types of mold can cause serious, long-term health issues. Use nont

How to Remove Hair Color Stains From a Door

Although hair coloring dyes have a thick "dripless" texture, they don't always stay where they're supposed to. They can drip on the floor, bathroom counter or sink as you apply them to your hair, and may also cause stains if you brush up against a door or wall. To protect furnishings and surfaces f

How to Restore the Color of My Red KitchenAid Pans

KitchenAid is an extremely popular brand of kitchen utensils, including pots and pans. Many of these products have a red siding, giving the cooking equipment a distinctive look and feel. However, after several uses the red color may no longer be as bright or vibrant as it was when first purchased. T

How to Clean Inline Skate Wheels

Dirty wheels can cause your in-line skates to feel "bouncy" while using them and also decrease the spin speed of the wheels. Whenever you notice debris on the wheels of your in-line skates, it's a good idea to clean them. It is important that you use the right cleaning products, however. Otherwise,

How to Kill Fleas Naturally in Carpets

Fleas are a blood-sucking nuisance that cause painful and itchy bumps when they bite. Fleas multiply quickly and can easily infest your home in a matter of days. Fleas live, breed and lay eggs in fur, hair, fibers, upholstery and carpets. Many people use toxic powders to kill the fleas in their carp

How to Remove Oil From a Driveway

Not only is oil on the driveway unsightly, it gets tracked into the home causing floor and carpet damage. Slow oil leaks on cars, trucks and recreational vehicles gradually add up to one large stain. Fixing vehicle oil leaks will go a long way toward preventing a bigger problem, but the existing sta

How to Clean Food Dye Stain From Carpet

Any color of stain on your carpet can be extremely distracting and quickly become the accidental focal point of the room. However, a brightly colored food dye stain is not only going to be distracting but your eyes are going to be drawn right to it. Due to this, removing the stain should be done as

How to Clean Silver at Home

You can clean silver at home with impressive results but you will need to apply a gentle touch and use silver-friendly cleaning solutions. Many traditional cleaning methods include the use of harsh chemicals that can contribute to tarnish and lead to premature fading but, with the right approach, yo

Bath Paint Ideas

Painting your bathroom is an easy way to change the look.bathroom image by Mat Hayward from Fotolia.comPainting your bathroom is one of the quickest ways to change the look of it. Whether you are trying to create a serene, spa-like atmosphere or a tropical one, paint will add to the...

Free Information on Building a Pond Filter

Building a pond filter is an effective way to maintain high quality of the water in your pond or water garden, while not breaking the bank. A pond filter can be as simple as a plastic container filled with soap-free sponges.

How to Get Rid of Static in a Couch

If you've recently purchased a new couch, you may find that the couch often causes a static shock. Static electricity is the exchanging of electrons when two objects come into contact with one another. Often, this static electricity is not noticeable, but sometimes it can produce a slight shock and

What Are the Best Pans for Flat Top Stoves?

Flat top stoves are frequently preferred for their sleek design and ease of cleaning. However, the glass-ceramic tops are very sensitive to the type of pans used on them, as the heating elements are below the surface and require a solid connection with pan bottoms to properly work.

How to Test Propane Equipment

Propane, or liquid petroleum gas (LPG), is a form of fuel used in a variety of ways. In commercial applications, it is used to produce propyl alcohol, petrochemicals and semiconductors. It is also used to heat industrial workplaces and sometimes to power fleet vehicles, such as heavy trucks. In resi

DIY: Underfloor Heating in the UK

In the 1960s, underfloor heating in homes in the United Kingdom involved large heating elements buried in concrete floors and heated by off-peak electricity. These early underfloor heating systems were expensive to install and largely unreliable. Underfloor heating technology has since evolved to su

Disinfectant Problems

During cold and flu season, it is important to disinfect surfaces to reduce the spread of illness. However, if disinfectants aren't used properly, they can be ineffective and cause germs to become resistant to the effects of the disinfectant. Overexposure to disinfectants without proper protection c

Clothing Care Labels & Symbols

In every piece of clothing, the garment care tag tells the wearer exactly how to take care of her apparel. Written with symbols or words, the garment care label lists the fabric composition, wash and dry temperature and best cleaning method. People notice what's on these labels and try to follow the

How Can I Remove a Sour Smell From My Bath Towels?

No one wants to get out of the shower and dry off with a bath towel that doesn't smell clean. Sour smells in towels can be an irritating problem. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to keep your towels smelling fresh.

How to Find a Maid Service

Maid services offer to send someone to a customer's home or business to clean. recommends that you find out if the maid service is insured, screens employees and has equipment. Most services require the costumer to supply the cleaning supplies and equipment. Talk to the company to find out