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How to Cut a Full-Size Piece of Plywood on a Table Saw

There are numerous methods that can be used to cut full sheets of plywood. One of the least difficult methods for doing so is with a table saw. Though most table saws don’t have large enough platforms to accommodate a full sheet of plywood, a saw horse or small table can be used to support the

DIY Steam Wood Bender

You can bend wood for your new woodworking project using steam. Build a steam wood bender from a length of PVC pipe as a do-it-yourself project. An old tea pot makes an ideal source of steam for your wood bender. A steam wood bender will increase your options when selecting woodworking projects beca

Welding Job Projects

Welding job projects allow you to hone your skills.welding project image by leemarusa from Fotolia.comFor some people, welding isn't just a job. The trade doubles as a hobby. Whether you are already a professional welder or are an amateur looking to get your feet wet in the world of...

Why Are Atoms Electrically Neutral?

An atom contains electrons, protons and neutrons. Each of these structures contributes to the overall electrical charge of an atom. An atom that has not gained or lost any electrons is electrically neutral.

What Plant Tissue Do You Find in Sugar Cane?

The tissues of the sugar cane plant all have distinct functions in keeping it healthy. From roots to tassel, specialized tasks are ongoing in all of sugar cane's tissues.

DIY Outdoor Screened Enclosures

Keep the pests out with a screened enclosure. Adaptable to any size, PVC screened enclosures are simple to assemble, disassemble and store. PVC is ideal for screened enclosure creation because the material is durable, weather resistant, affordable and readily available at any hardware retailer. Larg

How to Find the Height of a Mountain Without a Map

The world is full of many different mountains and mountain ranges. Some are vast, uninhabited mysteries while others are relatively accessible, as well as often climbed and explored. One way to find the height of a certain mountain range is to look at a map. If you don't have a map, you will need to

Fast and Easy Science Fair Projects on Bouncing Eggs

When thinking of an egg, you might picture a delicate and fragile food. However, you may not know that when prepared the right way, an egg can actually bounce when dropped on the floor. This science fair, experiment with a variety of fast and easy projects that make eggs bounce, including by padding

How to Build a Roller Coaster Model

Building a model roller coaster is an exciting way to learn about physics. Most roller coasters start out with a burst of power to get them going, and then for the remainder of the ride, centripetal force powers the roller-coaster car. Before you begin building your roller-coaster model, you should

How to Buy Plastic Model Kits and Accessories

Plastic models are an ideal way to interest youngsters in the modeler's hobby - and to rekindle skills for anyone returning to the hobby. Cars, airplanes, ships - even the starship Enterprise - are available as snap-together or glue-together replicas.

Electropolishing Method & Required Chemicals

Electropolishing corrects flaws in the surface of metals by exposing them to chemicals and direct electrical current, leaving metals microscopically smooth and polished. Rather than adding a layer of metal as occurs in electroplating, electropolishing removes a layer, which has led to it being calle

What Can I Do With Loose Raw Jade?

The term "jade" refers to two very similar minerals, jadeite and nephrite. While green is the most familiar color, jade is found in red, black, white, violet and blue. Jade can be purchased in large stones or blocks, or in quantities off smaller loose stones. Large stones or blocks are usu

Types of Coleman Fuel

Coleman is one of the leading makers of stoves and lanterns used by campers; their products are so ubiquitous that many people refer to any brand of lantern or camping stove as a "Coleman". Likewise, the fuel used to power many camping lanterns is often called "Coleman" fuel even if it's actually ma

Causes of Gold Discoloration

Gold jewelry can discolor from the metals found in some image by Fata-Morgana from Fotolia.comThe most likely reasons for gold discoloration are metallic abrasion, low-quality plating and corrosion. Hard metals from other jewelry or cosmetics can turn the color of gold;...

American Silver Coin Facts

The United States Mint made silver coins for circulation between 1794 and 1970. After that, it only made silver coins for special proof sets, commemorative coins and silver bullion coins. Modern American coins are now made out of a copper-nickel alloy that has little intrinsic value. Silver is plent

How to Wire a Multi-Battery

Wiring multi-batteries together enables you to power your electrical device for much longer, if you wire the batteries in parallel. The more batteries you wire in parallel, the longer they last. For example, if you wire four batteries, and each individual battery lasts about one hour, than the multi

How Does Mass Affect a Pendulum?

A pendulum as simple as a child on a swing can be a physics lesson. It can demonstrate foundational concepts such as gravity and inertia. It demonstrates the interaction of many dynamics from weight to density, acceleration, gravity, friction and air resistance. Many of these forces interact in conf

Techniques for Storing Volumetric Flasks

Volumetric flaskflask image by Hubert from Fotolia.comVolumetric flasks are very precise measuring instruments used in a lab to make solutions. Flask calibration is set to room temperature, so heating them or adding hot liquids could distort the glass and alter the measurements. The flat...

How to Cut in Butter to Make Scones

Flaky baked goods like biscuits and scones are created by very delicately mixing butter into the dry ingredients. Cutting up the butter before mixing it ensures that the dough will stick together without blending into a dense and doughy mixture. Scone dough should be mixed by hand, just enough so th