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How To Choose A Perfect Name For Your New Baby

Most couples that have impatiently waited months to conceive, followed by waiting nine more months for their baby to arrive, have had all the time required to get all the preparation done so that everything is in place and perfect for their new baby boy or girl. But despite all this time to get ever

Why Pregnancy Causes Back Pain and What You Can Do About It

During your pregnancy your body weight increases and the size of your stomach extends often forcing you to stand, walk, sit or lie in different positions to those you would normally adopt. These subtle postural changes are essential in order to maintain balance and to also protect your back and pelv

A Clinic With A Different Way Of Doing Things

When it comes to clinics that specialize in certain things, you may have been given pages and pages of listings for clinics, but you feel overwhelmed just going through them all. You want a baby, and your gynecologist recommended that you go make an appointment with a fertility clinic. You finally f

10 Questions to Ask During 4D Ultrasound

Most mothers today undergo a 4D ultrasound to take a sneak peek at their babies before delivery. If you too wish to have one, it's better to ask these questions to rid yourself of any doubts about the ultrasound.

Foods to Eat to Get a Baby Boy

A lot of attention has recently been given to the correlation between what a pregnant woman eats before conception and the gender of the baby she ends up having.A recent study indicated that women who consume more daily calories (as much as about 2200) and consumed breakfast were more likely to conc

First Trimester Heartburn

My first trimester heartburn was so bad I cried almost every day. I will admit that part of that may have been my roller coaster hormones and emotions. Though, I have to be honest and say that my first trimester heartburn got so bad that I really thought something was wrong with me despite my doctor

Think Before You Abort - All About the Trauma of Post Abortion Syndrome

Chronic suffering and symptoms that lead to Post Abortion Syndrome, a form of Prolonged Adaptation Stress Disorder (PASS), are commonly seen in women who abort their child, be it voluntarily, forcibly, or due to unavoidable medical complications. The trauma of the syndrome is equally experienced by

Hemmorhoid Relief During Pregnancy

Every woman dreams of having a stress free pregnancy and a complication free labour. But this is just one of the dreams. The reality is that a lot of women come face to face with the problem called hemorhoids during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Nutrition: Basics For The First Trimester

Pregnancy nutrition can seem overwhelming during the first trimester, when you are dealing not only with the emotional impact of having a baby, but a host of hormonal changes as well.

Infertility Caused by Stress

People who have problems regarding infertility may be told by their doctors that stress isn't really the reason behind it. Although the link between stress and infertility is not that solid, it is known that stress can affect a person's sexual performance.

Microtia - Know Some Facts About It

Microtia is a condition where one or both ears fail to form properly. Hearing is affected, but there are treatment options and it is a very rare occurrence.

preparation during pregnancy

PREPARATION DURING PREGNANCY "Healthier mothers have healthier babies," says the UN chronicle. It also observes that when a woman gets inadequate medical care or none at all during pregnancy, childbirth, and the period thereafter, her ...

How to Adopt a Good Gestational Diabetes Diet

Generally, diabetic people have bodies that are unable to metabolize sugars as effectively as they are expected to due to lack of insulin or too much sugar to be metabolized by the available insulin. The case becomes more complex when dealing with a pregnant diabetic. Without adopting the right gest

What to Eat to Conceive a Boy - List of Must Eat Foods to Get a Baby Boy

Just imagine, how different your life can be, if you get the power and authority to choose the gender of your baby? It has been proved by researchers that by following some simple and specific tips and techniques, a couple can successfully conceive a baby with the gender of their choice.

Birth Trauma

The prospect of bringing another life into this world is exciting and somewhat surreal for soon-to-be parents. Giving birth to another human is a magical experience when everything goes according to plans, and the baby is born happy and healthy; however, if there are complications during childbirth,

Stretch Marks After Delivery

More than half of all pregnant women will develop stretch marks during their pregnancy. Otherwise known as striae gravidarum, stretch marks look like streaks on the surface of the skin, and may be vary in ...