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Acinar Cell Injury

The pancreas contains excretory cells called acinar cells. These cells may be damaged by alcohol or other causes, leading to pancreatitis or cancer. The condition may be acute or chronic, depending on the injury.

Swollen Feet

When swelling occurs in the body it is called an 'edema', and it essentially means that a build-up of fluid has occurred; when this build-up occurs in the legs, ankles or feet it is referred to as a 'peripheral edema'. Although swollen feet are primarily characterized by excessiv

Differences Between Spondylosis & Spondylolisthesis

Spondylosis and spondylothesis affect the bones in your back and neck.human anatomy showing the skeleton from the back image by patrimonio designs from Fotolia.comThe medical terms "spondylosis" and "spondylothesis" look and sound similar because they are conditions that affect the same...

Massage Methods for Treating Scoliosis

Nearly 6 million Americans suffer from a spine deformity called scoliosis, which causes the spine to bend abnormally. Although it does not cause severe physical harm, it causes the shoulders, hips, or waist to look uneven. In severe cases, scoliosis also causes significant back pain. Red

How to Separate Cell Components

A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet allows users to merge and separate cell components. Merging different cells is useful when you have to create a header while maintaining the columns below to add information into each cell. If the spreadsheet is to be employed in a formal presentation, this feature will

What Are Calcium Deposits?

Calcium deposits are areas in which calcium salts have built up in the body. These deposits can occur anywhere in the bones and soft tissues of the body. Many areas that have calcium deposits require medical attention, while others reabsorb into the body. Calcium deposits can also be called calcific

Shoulder Impingement Diagnosis

Adult shoulder pain is frequently caused by shoulder impingement. Impingement results from pressure on the rotator cuff as the arm is raised overhead. The rotator cuff is a tendon that links the four muscles that cover the ball of the shoulder. As the arm is lifted, the front of the shoulder blade m

What Are the Treatments for Elbow Pain?

There are two types of elbow pain: chronic elbow pain and elbow pain due to injury. Elbow pain due to injury is generally a one-time pain that disappears as soon as the elbow has healed. Chronic elbow pain, however, is due to the overuse of the elbow, as with tennis elbow, or the result of an elbow

How to Get Rid of Toe Fungus - Guaranteed to Work!

Toe fungus is one of those ailments that is unattractive to look at and can be progressive in its destruction of the nail structure. Like most diseases, this fungus responds much better to earlier intervention than late stage panic attacks. The podiatrist will be able to provide patients with tricks

Foods That Break Down Uric Acid

Gout is a painful condition that typically affects middle-aged males. It is caused by an excess of uric acid in the body, which crystallizes and sits in the joints. Typically the big toe is the first affected area. Later, the wrists, ankles, and hands can also become quite painful. A diet high in pu

Reasons to Opt for Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus Infection

It is important that we keep our body clean and maintain hygienic conditions to avoid infections. Many people get nail fungus infection because of dirt and moisture and not maintaining hygienic conditions. This kind of fungal infection is mostly on the toenails.

How to Strap a Knee Injury

A knee injury can be devastating to an athlete without proper exercise, therapy and strapping to provide support while the joint heals. Strapping the knee correctly will give you a certain amount of mobility and protection while your body repairs. Follow these steps to strap elastic braces around th