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Hypothyroidism: How to Lose Weight

Whilst losing weight may be more difficult to a person who's been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, it is not impossible and a course of diet and exercise should be undertaken. A healthy diet is just as important for a patient with hypothyroidism as any other individual but it is more crucial to t

Hypothyroidism and Cardiovascular Risk III

Although treatment with T4 in overt hypothyroidism is standard practice, there is controversy over its use in subclinical hypothyroidism. A goal of treatment of subclinical hypothyroidism is to reduce LDL cholesterol levels and thereby reduce atherosclerotic risk.

Do You Need More Sleep or Is Your Fatigue Thyroid-Related?

Fatigue is one of the hallmark symptoms of hypothyroidism, a condition in which your thyroid gland does not release enough thyroid hormone. Yet, it's also a sign of countless other health conditions. How can you tell if your fatigue is thyroid-related?

Cold Intolerance And The Thyroid

Over ten million Americans suffer form Thyroid Hormone Deficiency, and most are unaware of it. The thyroid is a small butterfly shaped gland that is located in the neck under the voice box (larynx). One of the many functions of the thyroid is to control the body's tolerance to cold. This is an

Underactive Thyroid and Weight Loss - Issues and Concerns

A lot of people fail to see that there is a relationship between an underactive thyroid and weight loss. An underactive thyroid and weight loss cause a significant effect on one another. This is because having an underactive thyroid contributes to weight gain and loss of energy.

Lazy Couch Potato Discovers How To Lose Weight In 10 Days

There is a reason why diets don't work for you. You could do all the "right" things and still not lose the weight. There is a secret to losing weight and until you learn it, you will be doomed to walk the earth as a "larger" version of yourself. Read this article and find ou

Scleroderma Early Signs

Scleroderma, a group of chronic autoimmune disorders, is relatively rare, affecting roughly 300,000 Americans, according to the website of the International Scleroderma Network. The disorders target the skin and connective tissue and may be localized, affecting only the skin and underlying tissue, o

Best Natural Cure For Hypothyroidism

There are so many natural cures that is said to treat hypothyroidism. But which one is really effective? This article will tell us about the best natural cure for hypothyroidism.

The Parathyroid Counterpart - The Complete Opposite of the Parathyroid Hormone

The body maintains homeostasis or balance in its internal environment through many ways. One of these ways is by negative feedback wherein any excess leads to another mechanism that suppresses it. One such example is the effect of the thyroid hormone, calcitonin, which is the complete opposite of th

Important! Improve Your Thyroid's Health

Your thyroid is in charge of your body's metabolism and many organ functions. The lack of thyroid hormones can cause numerous health problems. Thousands of people are afflicted with under-active thyroid glands and are unaware of it, because the symptoms mimic symptoms caused by other ailments.

Natural Thyroid Supplements

Your thyroid gland regulates the production of certain hormones in your body. When your thyroid gland is underproductive, it can cause a variety of different health problems, including weight gain, fatigue, and hair loss. This condition is called hypothyroidism, and is usually treated with a synthet

Overactive Thyroid Treatments For Problems Brought on by Graves' Disease

Overactive thyroid problems such as an increased metabolism, irregular heart rate and anxiety disorders, requiring different overactive thyroid treatments, can be brought on by the autoimmune disorder known Graves disease. This results in an increase of available thyroxine which in turn increases th

Low Thyroid and Hot Flashes

For many women with menopausal difficulties, life can prove to be quite frustrating. They are told, "I know you feel awful, but it's just menopause, and it's just how you feel during the "change", don't worry". This kind of thinking can lead to years of suffering a

Common Underactive Thyroid (Hypothyroidism) Symptoms

As many as 27 million Americans suffer from problems with their thyroid, with about 1 in 50 women and 1 in 1000 men developing hypothyroidism (the most common thyroid condition) at some point in their lives. Although children can be born with congenital hypothyroidism, it generally develops in adult

Excretory System Diseases & Disorders

Excretory SystemThe excretory system is responsible for removing bodily waste. Human waste is composed of excess, toxic and dangerous substances, as well as the by-products of metabolism and digestion. The parts of the excretory system that handle urine are the kidneys, the bladder, the...