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3 Keys to Diabetic Weight Loss

3 Keys to Diabetic Weight Loss Beating Diabetes Without Meds The frustrations felt by diabetics regarding weight control are well founded. Diabetes is an inflammatory disease. Inflammation makes diabetics particularly sensitive to what they eat. ...

Palliative Home Care: An Introduction

Palliative care is an area of healthcare that focuses on relieving and preventing the suffering of patients. Unlike hospice care, palliative medicine is appropriate for patients in all disease stages, including those undergoing treatment for curable illnesses and those living with chronic diseases,

Find the Important Information Regarding Toenail Fungus

Some subjects are better left to private places, and admittedly toenail fungus is one of those subjects. But, this is a condition that affects millions of people in many countries. Since this is a fungus ...

Managing Effects of Computer Vision Syndrome and Bloodshot Eyes

Overexposure to computer screens can cause permanent damage to your eyes. Temporary effects can be computer eye syndrome or computer vision syndrome. However excessive amount of UV radiation can cause a pinguecula [] to form ...

Homeopathy: Beyond Mind And Body

Have you ever wondered what keeps you alive? What keeps you breathing without you willing it? What keeps your body functioning in all its amazing complexity without any conscious effort on your part? The human ...

Fat Burning Exercise For Women

If your attempts to lose fat are falling short, then you need to consider a workout that includes fat burning techniques. All effective fat loss exercise programs should include a variety of cardiovas

Over-Diagnosis And The Downside Of Early Detection Of Disease

Medicine is presented as being highly scientific. This is until information comes out which questions certain assumptions that underpin the practice of medicine. One of the mantras of modern medicine is that early detection is good.

Cellulitis Infection: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Cellulitis is a skin infection brought by certain types of microorganism. The bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus and Group A Streptococcus are usually responsible for this kind of infection. These

Know More About TMJ Disorder

How do you know if you already have TMJ disorder? What can you do to treat it? Read on and find out.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Cause Discovered?

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a poorly understood cluster of gastrointestinal (GI) tract symptoms that typically includes varying degrees of abdominal bloating and crampy pain, diarrhea, constipation, and the frequent discharge of mucus-like stools from the rectum. At any one time, an estimated

Back Pain, Sciatica and Muscle Maintenance

Most people would be surprised to know that muscles have a memory and they store the trauma of a painful physical injury, much like the mind does with a significant emotional trauma. Just like the ...

8 Chinese Herbal Remedies For Bad Breath

Many people used herbs to rid themselves of bad breath. Herbs are known for their pungent flavors and aromas, and people figured that these types of plants would disguise any bad odors in the mouth. E

A Brief Glance Into The Adverse Impact Of Obesity

It is pretty common understanding that being obese is a dangerous condition for your overall health. The annual cost is many tens of billions of dollars in the US for all the similar problems related ...

Urine Therapy Treatment

Urine therapy or uropathy, as it is known commonly, is one of the new system of treatment observed around the world today. This system has been in the process of development for last few decades but a