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No Cost Glucose Monitor? Getting a Glucose Meter For Free

Uncontrolled blood sugar can cause an almost endless list of health problems, ranging from kidney failure to blindness to a variety of nerve ending ailments that someone lead to amputation. Even one out of control blood glucose day can lead to a coma or worse.

Type 2 Diabetes - Excess Sweating!

Excessive sweating is a problem for many individuals. The condition, known as hyperhidrosis, is estimated to affect approximately 180 million people worldwide. Some people suffer from it due to certain medical conditions. One condition that can create excessive sweating is diabetes.

Kidney Disease and Diabetes - How Are They Related?

Generally, not anyone who has diabetes contracts kidney disease. This is just another common misconception relating to the illness. While it is true that uncontrolled hyperglycemia can cause kidney disease, diabetics who maintain their appropriate blood glucose levels can avoid developing kidney fai

Coffee Counters The Onset Of Diabetes

Chemicals present in coffee are capable of countering the onset of diabetes and other chronic disorders. Some of these compounds are antioxidants.

Type 2 Diabetes - 3 Ways To Serve Cottage Cheese in the Diabetic Diet

Simple and modest lifestyle changes pay off with big dividends for Type 2 diabetics. Diabetics are always encouraged to eat a healthy diet low in calories, fat, and saturated fat. Where fats are concerned - limit your fat intake to 30 percent of calories and saturated fat to no more than 10 percent

3 Ways Omega 3 Fish Oil Can Help With Your Diabetes

Diabetes comes in several forms, and can have many different causes. Many people believe that being overweight causes diabetes, or that difficult pregnancies can result in the disease. However, these are only a few of the sources for diabetes, and they are not necessarily precursors to the medical c

Electrical Charges May Relieve Leg Pain in Diabetics

The painful burning and tingling sensation that many diabetics feel in their legs may be alleviated by a mild electrical shock, but this experimental treatment is being critcized as ineffective by some physicians.

Natural Treatment Diabetes

Due to Modern lifestyle, we are isolated from "The Nature" to the chemicals in the name of science. That is why, modern day diseases are increasing steeply; one among them is "Diabetes".

Diabetic Supply Companies - Delivery Directly to Your Home

Companies that supply diabetic supplies are not new on the market. Currently there are more of them each offering free diabetic supplies and related items such as monitoring tapes, lancets and the devices used to insert the lancet for use. In most instances, signing up for service from a diabetic su

What Is a Glucose Standard Curve?

A glucose standard curve is a method of monitoring blood glucose over a period to identify patterns and peaks in glucose levels. Understanding regular glucose levels can help isolate medical conditions and promote the success of treatment plans.

Diabetes Forecast Gets Scarier

Greatly increasing a prediction made just three years ago, the CDC now predicts 48.3 million Americans will have diabetes by 2050.

How to Skip Meals with Diabetes

Diabetics are often told to follow strict schedules to ensure better overall control over blood sugar levels. While maintaining a fairly similar day-to-day schedule is recommended, skipping meals every once in a while is acceptable and can be accomplished fairly easily. By closely monitoring your bl

The Best Way to Manage Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a common disease that affects a very large segment of the population. It is an incurable disease, but you can work with your doctor to find effective ways to manage your blood sugar level get off insulin and effectively reverse the disease. Once you begin to effectively manage you

Type 2 Diabetes Life Expectancy

The prevalence of type 2 diabetes has risen in recent decades. The condition affects millions of people and is one of the leading causes of death. For many, type 2 diabetes is a debilitating illness that causes a reduction in overall quality of life. The health risks associated with type 2 diabetes

Diabetic Diet - Diabetes Food Guide

The Diabetes Food Guide more commonly known as the Food Pyramid for Diabetics is a tool that illustrates in diagram for the amount of foods belonging from each food group a person with diabetes should consume per day. It is a modified version of the food pyramid and is tailor fit for people who want