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Witch Face Painting

How-to witch face painting. Learn how to face paint a witch with this photo tutorial.

Hairstyles For Short Thin Hair - Top 3 Celebrity Hairdos For Short Thin Hair

Short hair look sporty and fashionable if carried out with elegance and style. There are a lot of hairstyles for short thin hair but I am going to tell you about 3 top hairdos for short hair, which are most in these days. You can always add your touch of style to it and get a freaky cut that can tot

Michael Wesetly Fall 2006 Men's Collection

Michael Wesetly is an American designer who started showing his collections in Europe, Asia and South America in 2003. His first show in the U.S. was in New York for spring/summer 2006. His label is one of few that is entirely made in the U.S. He has a partnerhsip with Hartz & Co., a high quality su

DIY Masks

Making your own facial masks at home is a fun, cheap and all-natural alternative to store-bought products, and can be as easy as blending together ingredients you already have in your kitchen cupboards. Masks often contain natural substances with purported skin care benefits to hydrate, revitalize o

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

If you have removed unwanted hair with plucking or waxing you know how painful that can be.This new technology takes the majority of the pain out of hair removal.

How To Get Clear Skin

Keep your hands out of the cold at all times if you want to reduce dryness. Because your hands are engrossed in much thinner skin then other areas of the body, they may be more prone to irritation. Wearing a pair of gloves and keeping hands covered can keep hands healthy and moist.

Fluhme - A World Of Beauty Products At Your Fingers!

With 10 years in business, a great line of beauty products and a comprehensive website, Fluhme is an invaluable resource for both professional beauty providers and those who love beauty products for personal use.

How to Gel Silky Hair

Many women love their silky, smooth and shiny hair. But whether it's poker straight or super curly, silky hair can have little fly-aways that make it look fried and split. A little hair gel can solve the problem, though, and make your locks look strong and healthy.

Highly Recommended Portable Foot Spas

Foot spas can relax and refresh tired feet, especially after a long work day. The best foot spas are built to allow you to rest your feet comfortably while soaking. Many have massage features or rolling action to stimulate reflexology. Some spas even have special features to create bubbles while rej

How to Get Fake Glasses

Non-prescription, or fake, glasses, can be worn as part of a costume, or even part of a normal ensemble. Fake glasses are a trend started by hipsters -- young people (usually in their 20s or 30s) who are part of a counterculture, and are best noted for their ironic fashion statements. However, many

The Hair Extension Makeover

At one point or another we all want a makeover, and it usually starts with our hair. Our hair is our biggest accessory and can help shape a person's identity. It's the reason we spend countless hours hair styling for work, school, dates, and special occasions. From drastic haircuts to a ch

How to Make a Wire Wrapped Cage for a Rough Stone

Transform that beautiful shiny stone that you found during vacation on the beach or during your last hiking trip into a piece of jewelry. It’s unlikely that you will find a diamond that way, but the stones that you find during your amateur excavations can be just as eye-catching. They won̵

DIY Flat Stone Fountain

A fountain of flat stones is perfect for a small space that needs a touch of Zen and the music of flowing water. Water may be directed to fall from the flat edge of the stone like a mini-waterfall or trickle over the edge and down the face of the stone in a subtle shimmer. The most versatile stone f

Steps To A Bright Fashion Modeling Career

Would you like to become a fashion model, but you have no idea what this type of model does? Let me tell you a little about fashion models. Their photos appear in magazines and catalogues to promote clothing or other accessories to customers and fashion buyers.

How to Make Iron-On T-Shirts

Although t-shirts are one of the most popular clothing items for men and women, it can be difficult to find a t-shirt design that suits you, let alone fits you. To overcome this challenge, you can create your own t-shirt at home with an iron, a blank t-shirt and a transfer. Transfers are made with f