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Asthma in Teens and Adults-References

CitationsBush RK (2002). Environmental controls on the management of allergic asthma. Medical Clinics of North America, 86(3): 973–989.McGeady SJ (2004). Immunocompetence and allergy. Pediatrics, 113(4): 1107–1113.Jarjour NN, Kelly EAB (2002). Pathogenesis of asthma. Medical Clinics of North ...

Living With Spring Hayfever

Over 35 million Americans suffer from hay fever each year, and according to experts, this season is shaping up to be one of the worst. Here are tips to help you get through the spring hay fever season.

What are the Causes of Asthma?

During an asthma attack, the patient's airways become irritated, narrowing and constricting, causing difficulty in breathing by restricting airflow. Why do some people have asthma while others don't? Why is asthma more common in the Western world?

Breastfeeding to Reduce Allergy Risk

Allergies amongst children are now becoming more frequent adding a responsibility to parents and teachers to be in the 'always prepared for an emergency' mode.Asthma, Glucose intolerance, Anaphylactic seizures, Diabetes, Eczema are just a few of the illnesses common to today's child.W

Relief for Asthmatics

Dealing with asthma is difficult. You need to be under special care by a medical professional if you want to be able to control the severity and frequency of your attacks. It is an easy job, however, if you trust the medical world and do what you have to in cooperation with your physician to help yo

FDA to Primatene Users: Get Asthma Prescription Now

The ban on ozone-depleting CFC propellant means sale of the Primatene Mist asthma inhaler will end Dec. 31. Supplies may not last until then, so users should get a prescription right away.

FDA Panel Asks: Are Asthma Drugs Safe?

The FDA's expert panels on asthma, drug safety, and pediatrics vote this week on safety questions about asthma drugs Serevent, Symbicort, and Foradil.

Itchy Skin? How to Stop the Itch Naturally

If you have ever suffered from itchy, patchy skin, then you know the problems it can cause. Lack of sleep, excessive scratching, unsightly patches, and even bleeding are all results of a rash that just won't go away. Hundreds and even thousands of dollars can be spent trying to get rid of the i

Effective Inhalers for Asthma

Inhalers are often the best way to treat asthma. They have the quickest effect compared to any other type of drug, as the medicine goes right to the source of the problem: the lungs. There are a couple different types of inhalers and several brands that can relieve flare-ups of asthma symptoms as we

Information on Asthma - Facts You Should Know

Asthma is a much more common condition than you might think. This article discusses causes, symptoms and treatment. Discovering the cause of your asthma is the key to effective treatment. Treat your asthma today and take control of your life!

Is Your Toilet Bowl Cleaner Killing You?

One of the most dangerous activities you can do in your home is to clean your toilet bowl! We all want a clean home for our family's health and comfort and a welcoming atmosphere for visitors, so must

Tips to Deal With Seasonal Allergies

Having seasonal allergies must be uncomfortable. Since the allergies can come suddenly and unpredictably, it can be hard to keep them under your control. Actually, there are several things that you can do to get your life more comfortable without your seasonal allergies. Just take a look at the foll

Survey: Asthma Control Still Poor

A new survey finds little change in asthma control over the past decade, despite new and better treatments and a better understanding of the disease.