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What are the Fees for a DUI in Nashville?

In a nutshell, the fees for a DUI in Nashville will probably be incurred in case you are caught driving drunk in the area. Though these records will have an effect on you and might be counted as an of

New York State Medicaid Laws

Learn the medicaid laws in New York.Doctor image by Monika 3 Steps Ahead from Fotolia.comMedicaid is a government program that provides free medical care for people who have limited resources. The cost of Medicaid is shared by the federal and state governments, but each state manages...

How to Enforce a Compensation Agreement

A compensation agreement shows what one party owes another for services or work performed--but what if the party that owes money refuses to pay? Loss of income from a single job can sometimes drive a person or business to financial ruin. In the case of a refusal to pay as agreed, the non-refusing pa

Workplace Accident Prevention in Oklahoma

Oklahoma accidents cannot be eliminated from the premises of businesses entirely but the observance of workplace accident prevention measures will go a long way to increase the safety of employees as

Tax Lien Laws in New Jersey

Tax lien laws in New Jersey give the state and local governments the authority to levy taxes on properties in the state as a way of generating revenue to then carry out various functions and services. Property taxes levied automatically become liens. If the property owner fails to pay the real estat

Oops! He Did It Again! Judge Lawrence J. O'Neil

Judge Lawrence Joseph Neil is not a novice when it comes to generating controversies. In a relatively short span of 5 years as a District Judge Lawrence Joseph O'Neil has caused extensive damage to the ...


The Indian Judicial System plays a crucial role in the conduct of the Government and Non-Governmental affairs, especially in formalizing business, trade and corporate interfaces. Millions around the C

Indiana Laws on Theft by a Houseguest

Theft of items can be prosecuted in criminal and civil courts.courthouse image by pearlguy from Fotolia.comWhether or not a person is a houseguest, theft is always illegal, no matter the state. If something in your house is missing after a guest leaves, and you have found evidence that...

The Lawyer-Attorney Difference

Is there a difference between an Attorney or Lawyer? Learn the difference between an Attorney and Lawyer.

Employees' Rights and Employment Barristers

Today's workplace is very different from what it used to be. There are many laws in place now that did not exist previously. These laws are in place to protect employees from corrupt employer

Punishment to Welfare Officer

No punishment can be imposed on Welfare Officer without prior sanction of Chief Commissioner of Factories. However, simple order of termination as per terms of appointment is not punishment and such termination order is valid. ...

How to Get Adult Emancipation in Virginia

Freedom. You're ready for it. But you haven't yet reached age 18, when you will be automatically granted legal emancipation in Virginia. You can, however, apply for emancipation when you are 16 or 17 if you meet certain requirements. Emancipation allows you such rights as being free to enter into le

Colorado Short Term Disability Laws

Short-term disability insurance provides financial help to a person is temporarily unable to work because of an illness, injury or pregnancy. She is paid a percentage of her weekly salary for the period of time she is out of work. "Short-term" means the person's absence from work cannot...

Laws of Outdoor Fire Pits in Kentucky

There are many different types of fire pits to choose from in boil fire pit image by Paul Retherford from Fotolia.comThere are several laws in the state of Kentucky that deal specifically with outdoor fire pits and the use of outdoor fires. While many people love the idea of...