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How to Make a Wizard Dress

Make a wizard costume at home and save money on buying a magical-looking wizard dress or robe from an expensive department store. If you have a blue bathrobe that isn't too loose without the belt around your waste, then you have a base for your homemade wizard dress. Follow a specific procedure to s

Indian Wedding Decor

Weddings are special moments for the wedded or prospective couples. It brings together different families and guests to witness the commitment between the couple and associate with them as they celebrate their union.

Tips to Get a Great Wedding Day by Perfect Planning

This article highlights the need to find a way to organize a wedding well in advance with the help of instructional books and words. It also shows that the event does not have to be overdone but done with some flair and style.

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Looking to pop the question, but you have no idea what kind of ring to get? Read on for some ideas...

Silver Centerpiece Ideas

Silver items make elegant table centerpieces.silver cups image by Hao Wang from Fotolia.comUse silver centerpieces to decorate wedding reception and holiday tables. Silver decor items will infuse the table with a sophisticated look. If you are planning a cold weather soiree, use silver...

How to Make Your Own Whiskey Sour Mix

The next time you throw a party, impress your friends with your bartending skills. But you won't need to take a class to learn how to make whiskey sour mix. Presentation is everything, so use fun and eclectic glasses to spice up this classic cocktail.

How to Word Church Wedding Programs

Wedding ceremonies often include many elements, and the program will be the first thing the guests read when they take their seats. You will want to be careful not to exclude anyone from the program, and also to double-check the spelling of participants' names. Before you write your own program, con

How to Make a Bouquet Out of Plumerias

Though some people include plumeria in mixed bouquets, florists typically arrange these tropical flowers in single-flower bouquets. A bunch of flowers is far less expensive than a professionally-arranged bouquet. You can save a lot of money by crafting your own bouquet. The key to putting a bouquet

Making Your Wedding Invitation Affordable But Special

A wedding invite must therefore reflect your wedding theme and motif, if it is going to indeed be a sneak peek at your most special day! Aside from that, since your purpose is to invite people to your wedding, make your invitation too hard to resist. Although often serving as convincing tools, it co

How to Word an Invitation for a 30th Surprise Birthday

A surprise birthday party for 30-year-old is a difficult thing to pull off, and many preparations must be made in order to keep the secret. How can you inform everyone about the party while making sure it all stays under wraps? Remembering that "surprise" is the keyword will help you construct the i

Romantic Restaurants in Wisconsin

Be sure to make a restaurant reservation for a romantic evening.Restaurant image by Ren?? Schulz from Fotolia.comSpending time with the one you love is always important, in fact, many couples will set aside one night a week as date night. A date night might mean a trip to the movies or...

How to Use a Printer for Wedding Invitation Envelopes

When it comes to homemade wedding invitations, the moments of cutting and pasting and of stamping and sticking are what really bring the charm. Matching homemade invitations with an equally charming envelope is another task. Printing your own wedding invitation envelopes allows you to create a pers

How To Select Cravats

The aspect of purchasing good cravats is an uphill task. Considering the present market with numerous brands offering a diverse range of cravats, the selection gets still difficult. However, to ensure

Bride & Groom Toasts - A Celebration of Love

It is a good thing that a lot of people still believe in marriage. A wedding celebrates the power of love and togetherness. In attending a wedding, it is always a delight to listen to bride and groom toasts.

Formality Of Wedding

The invitation of the wedding, time of the day, and dress of the bride sets the formality of wedding. The religion plays an important factor as well. The Catholic and Jewish religion is more likely to be formal wedding.

You Only Get Married Once - Why Simple?

Some of us believe that weddings are meant to be lavish and extravagant. The couple doesn't get to marry everyday so they need the event to be memorable. Non frugal habits can also do that. Let's start with the simple wedding dress.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

Weddings are one of life's greatest milestones and have been for centuries. For so many women, the wedding day has been something they've been told is the most important day of their lives; and consequently they've been planning and fantasizing about their big day since they were youn