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How to Legally Change Names in Canada

Legally changing your name in Canada varies by province. The Vital Statistics Division of your province's Department of Health and Social Services can provide you with all the information and forms you need. They are also an excellent source of information if you have questions. Regardless, changing

Florida Child Custody Act

The Florida Child Custody Act follows the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA). It is meant to regulate who has jurisdiction and who enforces court orders, especially when it comes to interstate custody.

Valid Reasons for a Marriage Annulment in Texas

Texas marriages can be annulled for several different and woman divorced image by Ivonne Wierink from Fotolia.comSometimes marriages don't work out for the better but instead take a path for the worse. Although a divorce will legally end a marriage, some couples may qualify...

Do-It-Yourself Texas Divorce

Texas's divorce procedures can vary widely from county to county. Dallas and Fort Worth each have seven different district courts that deal only with family law. In smaller counties, civil court judges or even criminal court judges may hear divorce matters. In rural areas, a county court might hear

One in Three Or One in Four?

Some web sites claim that one-third of all women worldwide will experience some kind of abuse. Others say the number is only one-fourth of all women. Only? Either of those numbers should make you angry!

What Rights Do Grandparents Have in the State of Kansas?

Kansas provides specific rights to grandparents.grandpa's little girl image by Renata Osinska from Fotolia.comMany states view the grandchild-grandparent relationship as beneficial to children. The state of Kansas outlines specific provisions for the rights of grandparents. Kansas...

Scholarships for Pregnant Students

As the time of publication, there is only one nationally available scholarship for pregnant students in the United States, the Birth Mother Scholarship offered by the organization American Adoptions. Unfortunately, this scholarship is open only to students who give their babies up for adoption. Howe

How to Waive Parental Rights in Ohio

A parent can waive parental rights by signing a notarized statement consenting to adoption. Giving up parental rights for other reasons, especially to end paying child support, is more difficult. A parent can petition the court to give up custody, visitation and the right to make medical decisions,

How to Change a Step-Child's Last Name

When starting a new family, you may want to change the last names of the children so the whole family can have the same last name. This cannot be done by a step-parent only, but must be done with the biological parent as well. The process and paperwork is slightly different in every state, but is n

How to Adopt a Child in New Jersey

Public or state adoptions in New Jersey are arranged through the Division of Youth and Family Services. According to the department, the majority of the longest waiting children in the state system are African American children, teens and sibling groups. Many children available for adoption have spe

Paternity Rights of an Illegal Immigrant

An illegal immigrant may put his paternity rights in jeopardy.families image by from Fotolia.comAn immigrant father who has entered the United States without permission has committed a misdemeanor. If caught, he faces prosecution in federal court. However, according to a...

Laws Terminating a Parent's Rights in Missouri

father and son image by Diane Stamatelatos from Fotolia.comMissouri law provides for the termination of paternal rights if such termination is deemed in the best interests of the child. Missouri law requires that a finding in the best interests of the child be by clear and convincing...

Emotionally Abusive Relationships - 4 Signs Your Partner is an Abuser

Relationships have enough challenges without the element of psychological and emotional abuse. When this kind of abuse is present, life for the victim can be confusing, depressing, and hopeless. Often, the victim of emotional and psychological abuse doesn't even realize the dynamic that is occu

Smiling Through the Tears

My family and friends often felt it necessary to remind me of how "lucky" I was to be in such a wonderful situation. As they described my life, I clung to every word hoping to feel the same sense of "luck" that they had perceived for me.

New Jersey Marriage Requirements

Thousands of couples get married in New Jersey each image by Mat Hayward from Fotolia.comThousands of couples tie the knot in New Jersey every year. Before you tie the knot, you will need to make sure that you have what you need in order to meet the legal mandates set forth...

Father's Rights Laws of California

Learn about father's rights in California.father and sons walking away image by pixelcarpenter from Fotolia.comThe days when the right for child custody is assumed to go to mother has changed, based on a report from the U.S. Census Bureau. This report shows an increase of 15% towards...

How to Sign Away Paternity Rights in Wyoming

Wyoming law permits a biological father the ability to sign away his paternity rights (also known as parental rights) in very limited circumstances. Paternity law in Wyoming generally permits a father to terminate his paternity rights only if an adoption is to occur. In other words, the law in Wyomi

The Broken Hearted

When in my younger years, I never imagined that I would be one of those women whose husband's beat on them and live in fear for many years to come. I had visions of the white picket fence around the front yard and watching my children playing outside smiling happily...