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Focus on New EPA Waste and Combustion Rules

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a Plan: they intend to actually enforce provisions of the Clean Air Act. To do so, they need to set quantitative standards against which industrial operations may be measured. The EPA has been working on implementation standards for years.

How to Find a Sustainable Flooring Expert

If you are in the flooring business it seems like everyone is green these days or at least claiming to be green. Kermit the frog would be proud. Marketing brochures are using lots of green photos of trees and nature motifs to make us feel green. The Carpet and Rug Institute qualifies just about any

Alternative Fuel Sources - Cheaper And Eco-Friendly

As responsible human beings it is our moral duty that we leave this world a better place than we got it from our ancestors. There is an ardent need for saving the environment that is being polluted by emissions given out by the extensive use of gasoline.The conventional and traditional fuel sources

Climate Change Policy: If Cities Lead Will Nations Follow?

About half of the world's population lives in cities. While they only cover a small fraction of the earth's surface, they use about two-thirds of its resources and produce about 70 percent of its emissions. So maybe cities, more so than national governments are better equipped to deal with

What is a Superfund Site and Why Should You Care?

The tragedy of Love Canal cannot be over emphasized. In American history, Love Canal is one of the most appalling environmental tragedies. But that's not the most disturbing fact.What is worse is that it cannot be regarded as an isolated event. It could happen again--anywhere in this country--u

Fax To Email For Going Green In Your Office

Fax to email is one of the simplest ways that a modern office can take steps toward going green--and for both business and ecological reasons, it makes sense to do so. More and more customers look for so-called "green" companies, and while many ecologically safe practices require enormous

Climate Change Summit - The Road Map to Success

The world's climatic changes problems continues to be a matter of concern. Governments and research scientists are at the crossroads because of differences in perceptions with regards to the causes of these problems. Now, in spite of the diffuse perspectives, there is a new sense of awareness a

Tips to Help Go Green in the Office

Eco-friendly cleaning supplies, recycled paper and energy star electronics are sought by consumers who buy their green products online. Earth Day serves as a reminder that that there are ways to go green in the office, too.

Dams, a Threat to Human Life

Dams are now a threat to the world. Dams are built by promising the inhabitants that it will never affect their life. Do you think these many dams are really needed? Outdated dams are a threat to human life. These dams have to be removed to restore rivers and to protect life.

Intelligent Earthfriendly Junk Removal

What can residents of Southeastern Wisconsin do with their junk? You can haul it to a landfill or recycling facility yourself and pay the charges for dumping these items or you can have a dumpster delivered and provide your own cleanup. There are two major landfills: one in Menomonee Falls and the o

Will a Warmer World Have Fewer Storms?

Recent research from the US suggests that the number of Hurricanes and Tropical cyclones experienced in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans will decrease as a result of global warming. At the same time there will be a slight increase in the intensity of these storms.So, fewer hurricanes but more severe

Are Tiny Houses the Way of the Future?

Tiny houses are becoming more and more desirable.Not only are these houses more financially manageable for many, but the appeal they offer goes beyond just finances. Many Americans are looking for a simpler life.

About AGL and Its Environmental Programs for Businesses

AGL is the largest private company that owns and operates renewable energy sources in Australia. It is the thrust of the company to be aggressive in producing sustainable energy for the good of the consumers and the environment.

We Must Have Water

There is a finite amount of clean fresh water available on the planet.We must initiate solutions now to protect our clean fresh water for our very future.

Water Pollution and Its Unseen Fruits of the Future!

It sure is a reality of which we Earthlings should be aware of that the Earth's rivers are in crises and this is going to cause dreadful devastation in the world. Freshwater is undoubtedly the most essential and the only water resource that is vital to life and this is the reason that humans ha

Protecting The Environment Is A Serious Issue

A day doesn't pass without comments about our environment. In fact being a little older myself I can remember that not many years ago you would hardly ever hear about the major.