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Difference Between DVD & VHS

Although they're both technically video-playing storage devices, VHS and DVD have very little else in common. The type of video stored on them, the way they access the video, and their composite materials couldn't be more different.

Weighing In on the Shaw Festival's 2009 Season

Even under Jackie Maxwell, Shaw Festival seasons have been fairly predictable -- which, of course, suits me just fine. For instance, since The Devil's Disciple hadn't been seen at Niagara-on-the-Lake since 1996, it was overdue for one of the two slots for Shaw plays, and a good bet to pop

Theater Etiquette: Flowers

Giving flowers has been a common practice at theatrical performances for many years. Although there are many movies where flowers are thrown on stage or a lead actress is given a bouquet of flowers as she takes her final bow, common contemporary practice calls for delivering flowers before or after

‘Good Afternoon America’

Find out more about 'Good Afternoon America,' ABC's summertime afternoon talk show, spun off of 'Good Morning America'.

About Broadway Musicals

Broadway musicals have been a popular form of entertainment since the mid-1800's. Theatergoers enjoy a variety of musicals to choose from on any given day on "The Big White Way." Broadway musicals attract a number of tourists from all over the world. This article will discuss the history o

The Top 5 Skills Beginner Puppeteers Should Develop

When adding new people to our puppet team, we teach them the basic skills needed to put on quality programs. Once they do the basics well, we move them on to some advanced techniques. This article focuses on the top 5 things we teach to our new puppeteers.

Talk Isn't Cheap: A Brief History of the TV Talk Show

In this brief history of the TV talk show, we learn that, according to industry veterans, there are two types of chatter on American TV -- television talk, in which someone merely addresses the audience, and the talk show, featuring a familiar format, a quirky or popular host, and a slew of celebrit

Modeling Auditions

Auditions could be quite the scary situation, and the same goes for modeling auditions. However, one of the things that you need in order not to feel overwhelmed is to believe in yourself. It's vital that you have confidence as you make your way into the room and this confidence of yours is wha

Nuts! A Crazy Card Trick

Discover how to make a card vanish and then reappear inside a walnut. This is the ideal method for a magician wanting to amaze his audience. You can do this!

Prop Hire Companies - Bringing the Eighties Back With a Bang

The eighties themes have made a comeback - nowadays prop hire firms are doing a fabulous job with coming up with all sorts of creative and wonderful eighties props that do the job of taking an event back to a time when side pony tails, leg warmers and icy pink lipstick were in. But there are a few t

KBC - Who Did It Better?

Two of the greatest there ever have been! While one has been the Shehansha for over forty years, the other has become the Badshah in less than only twenty years.

How to Plan a Tom Thumb Wedding Fundraiser

Tom Thumb Weddings are based on the wedding of two little people, Charles Stratton (Tom Thumb) and Lavinia Warren. They were well known from PT Barnum and they wed on Feb. 10, 1863. It was considered "The Greatest Little Wedding." Since everyone wanted to attend they came up with a very strict entra

How to Do Simple Production Magic Tricks

Have you ever watch a close up magician produces a coin in front of your eyes? That is one of the most magical effect I have ever seen. But how did he do that? The most common and powerful way to produce an object is by misdirection. The magician pretends to produce something out of thin air, but in

How to Hang Drapes in a Theater Rooom So Light Won't Come in

If you are performing a play in a non-traditional space such as a school gymnasium, cafeteria or classroom, you will find it necessary to cover the windows. This must be done to block out daylight and to help the lighting designer ensure the quality of the lights without the distraction of daylight.

How To Avoid Dance Related Injuries

Wherever I have traveled in this vast world of ours I always hear people complain of one ailment or another. I feel it is time to face some of these things and get them out in the open. Most ailments and injuries can be handled with common sense. Now, I realize that what is common sense for one migh

Instruction Guitar DVD

Today's technology brings guitar lesson to your home in the form of an instruction guitar DVD. You can work at your own pace, learn songs you love, and avoid the hassle of scheduling appointments with an instructor. Purchasing an instructional guitar DVD is one of the best investments a guitar