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Become Seasoned Pro Dancers

Dancers use their body to produce movement and rhythm. They use dancing as a form of expression, ceremonial, social interaction or as a presentation in a spiritual or performance setting. They usually perform on stage, ...

How to Clean Spit Out of a French Horn

Even if you're careful not to blow any actual spit into your French horn as you play it, you will still need to clean liquid out of it from time to time. This is because the breath you blow into the horn is warm, which creates a humid environment inside the horn. This creates condensation on the ins

Guide to Buying a Leather Adjustable Piano Bench

If you in the market for a high quality adjustable piano bench, the genuine leather models should be seriously considered. Many models of leather benches are offered for sale in today's marketplace. This article will serve as a guide, briefly informing you of the various models and directing yo

Dolly Parton Sing My Song - Please

I'm too young to be this old. Conversely you may think I'm too old to feel this young. But I'm a woman of a "certain age" and am proud and happy. Sing my song with me, loud and clear. Don't worry about the tune, it'll just come to you naturally.

How To Start Creating Beats Like A Professional

So you really wish to learn how to make beats? Rap has long ago been established as one of the most important music forms and have had a large impact on culture and life. You've seen the rap and hip-hop stars on MTV, you've seen the glory they receive, and now you think it's your turn

Comparison of Kindle & Kindle 2

The Kindle is Amazon's electronic book reader, and it has become a popular way to read books, periodicals and magazines on the go. Featuring Internet connectivity and a wide selection of books through Amazon's online electronic bookstore, the Kindle features a large variety of books to choose from a

Elvis Presley Timeline: 1971

A historical Elvis Presley timeline of dates and important events in the life of the King, focusing on the year 1971, from your oldies guide at

Information About Esteban Guitar Lessons

Music is good for the soul. It calms the raging emotions within. A person who loves music is most probably knowledgeable in playing a musical instrument. The most popular musical instruments in the world are the piano and the guitar. It seems that these 2 musical instruments are gender specific also

Owen Pallett Live Concert in Singapore!

The much awaited concert for all pop addicts is coming to Singapore. Canadian music genius, Owen Pallet (Final Fantasy, Arcade Fire, and Beirut) will perform at Esplanade Theatre on the Bay this January 7, 2011 ...

How to Keep a Banjo in Tune While Playing It

Banjos, by their very design, provide a challenge to keep in tune. Between the low string tension, the double octaves on D and G and the inherent imperfections of acoustic instruments, all banjos stay slightly out of tune all the time. Advanced players know which fingerings to avoid on their particu

Your Top 5 Ways to Start a Real Music Career Now

If you think American Idol is cool, try working in a music career every day of your life. This article shows you the five easiest ways to enter the music industry in a real, paying career.

Glockenspiel Facts

The name "glockenspiel" stems from the German for "bell play," referring to the bell-like sound of the instrument. The glockenspiel is a percussion instrument, meaning that sound is produced by the instrument being hit, in this case with mallets.

Finding The Best Way To Download Drake Songs

Find the best way to download Drake songs and see the different side of him. Enjoy a different side of Aubrey Graham and his music side. You will surely want to see him perform after enjoying him on f